Economy: Sud-Roussillon young shoots in full development

heart attack as well as special mention from the jury : if they are not 2021 winners, Sports management as well as Acapella plantations did not allow the jury Alfred Sauvy Award in different. Finished third and fourth behind the big winner lighttwo startups received their prizes during a ceremony at Digital city Solera.

Among the eleven finalists was also nominated Vitale Source France, another nugget from Sud-Roussillon. Three selected local companies are supported locally Community of communes of South Roussillon

and members of the business incubator steering committee. For

“optimize the activities of club managers”

Loic Tap, founder of the Gestion Sports platform. photo DR awarded Fall for somethingjury command Sports management : Loic Tap (our photo) and his team developedprofessional software for managing clubs and sports facilities

. Its goal is to modernize and streamline the activities of club managers with an easy-to-use tool with many features. To date, more than 47,000 users have chosen this rapidly developing platform, which also organizes an inter-club padel tournament, GS Trophy

scheduled for spring Corn especially want to focus on“Special Jury Mention” launch related Acapella plantations : Growing 100% Catalan tea and coffee – and, above all, 100% metropolitan France: this is an experiment that is currently underway. Acapella plantations

in Villeras, in Saint-Cyprien. See website: Accompanied several months for its implementation by the service Economic development Community Communities, a small company launched inorganic and innovative production

, including 12,000 tea plants, which could have their first harvest this spring. Then it’s business!

A new way to grow tea plants

100% Catalan tea only has to pass the “cup test”… Photo DR These tea plants are planted in Roussillon. in collaboration with a cooperative, using an innovative complementary process: tea trees planted in greenhouses

in the sunniest region of France, but also in the windiest. This new and unprecedented way of growing

should allow plants to suffer less from drought, be protected from wind and certain climatic stresses that can weaken them or even make them vulnerable to diseases and pests. Integrated management is being tested. This is a real challenge that a startup is launching here, the result of which we will soon be able to judge in the cup… acapella also signed the first research agreement with IRD(Development Research Institute) to adapt the cultivation of coffee plants in the Languedoc-Roussillon. And a second plant material transfer agreement was signed with CIRAD (International Center for Agricultural Research for Development ), while the plants various Arabica varieties were transferred from the greenhouse in Montpellier to the greenhouse inAcapella Gardens

to test in real conditions the feasibility of growing coffee in Occitania.If the experiment proves convincing this will allow researchers, in close collaboration withacapella

study the mechanisms of adaptation of coffee trees …

Philip SEA That

Community of communes of South Roussillon

located in the department of the Pyrenees-Orientales, on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, close to the Pyrenees and the border with Spain. An ideal and preserved environment for living and working within the local inter-municipal community. It unites six municipalities: Saint-Cyprien, Aleña, Latour-Bas-Elne, Cornella del Vercol, Montescot and Teza. Alfred Sauvy Alfred Sauvywas born in Villeneuve-de-la-Rao (Oriental Pyrenees) on October 31, 1898. He died in Paris on October 30, 1990. Economist, demographer and sociologist, he “a tireless debunker of the phenomena of declining fertility and aging” he is also known for his spill theory and creating an expression“Third World.” He is responsible for creatingNational Institute for Demographic Research (INED), of which he was the first director (1945-1962). professor at

Institute of Political Studies Paris from 1940 to 1959, he was elected professor at the Collège de France in 1959, where he held the chair of social demography until 1969. His biography on the site



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