Entertainment is everywhere: here are the most popular mobile apps of the year!

The number of apps available and downloadable, whether on the Apple or Android Marketplace, continues to grow. In 2019 alone, over 200 billion apps were installed after downloading. This, of course, is due to the availability of the Internet worldwide and the large number of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets that are now available for sale at affordable prices. Therefore, it is not surprising that applications are the basis of all smartphones and make everyday life much easier.

1. Ideal communication tool – WhatsApp as the number 1 messenger!

In a global comparison of the most downloads and installs, WhatsApp messaging is clearly among the TOP favorites of users. What’s more, the messaging was taken over by the former Facebook (now Meta) and has since been criticized regarding data protection. However, the possibilities offered by Messenger are interesting.

International calls require only an Internet connection. Either with video telephony, or with simple calls. Written and voice messages can also be transmitted. You can even share documents, images and videos. With over 2 billion users around the world, WhatsApp is a testament to the popularity of WhatsApp, which thus remains one of the most popular smartphone apps.

2. TikTok is on the rise – short content is on the rise!

What YouTube is trying to copy with its “shorts” has long been implemented in the TikTok app. Originally developed in China (as the Douyin app), then ported around the world as TikTok (due to censorship restrictions in China), the app is gaining popularity.

It’s actually about sharing short videos. With ease of use, literally every user can become a “content creator” and influencers around the world are also using the app. Over 2 billion downloads and over 800 million active users speak plain language. Moreover, the growth, or rather the popularity of the application, has literally exploded over the past two years.

Even the Swiss casino Casino777 offers a convenient application, which is convincing evidence.

3. Social media theme: Facebook (Meta) is still the most popular platform!

Despite a rather declining popularity among users, Facebook is still one of the giants of the industry when it comes to social networks. By the way, the group also includes WhatsApp and YouTube applications. Users can register from the age of 13. But the big flight is over. In particular, the younger generation is turning to alternative platforms. In addition, there have been many lawsuits in the past in which claims were filed against Facebook.

Whether it’s because of data protection or because of its market power, which the platform naturally uses to generate ad revenue. Currently, in January 2022, the Facebook app has been downloaded about 200 million times worldwide. With around 2.8 billion active users worldwide, the Facebook app is still one of the most popular smartphone apps.

4. Social networks, part 2: Instagram is one of the most popular applications!

This social network focuses more on image and video sharing as well as short messages and is part of the must-have program for influencers. By the way, this application is also included in the metagroup (Facebook). However, the app clearly stands out from other social networks as Instagram is more visual in nature.

With over a billion active users worldwide and around 600 million followers on the popular Instagram Stories, Instagram is also a testament to Instagram’s continued popularity as an alternative social network.

5. Here are the most popular gaming apps

But even in the gaming sector, there are sometimes several hundred million downloads. The number one smartphone app popularity ranking is Subway Surfers with 191 million downloads in 2021, followed by Roblox (182 million), Bridge Race (169 million), Garena Free Fire – New Age (154 million), Among Us ( 152 million), Hair Challenge (138 million), Join Clash (136 million), 8 Ball Pool (130 million), Ludo King (125 million) and Candy Crush Saga in tenth position with the same 119 million downloads.

Therefore, games for smartphones continue to be very popular. Naturally, developers make big sales with in-game purchases, but gamers around the world are ready to pay for them. The smartphone app gaming industry is also constantly growing. Not all customers are happy with the fact that they play games on Facebook.

6. These are the most popular smartphone apps

The sector is seeing a huge growth spurt, especially during the global coronavirus pandemic. This is also reflected in the download numbers and confirms the popularity of these applications. Take a look at Netflix. In 2021, the streaming service’s app has been downloaded and installed over 173 million times.

It is followed by the YouTube app, so users can also watch content on their smartphones (or tablets). In addition, YouTube Kids has been downloaded nearly 100 million times. Streaming services are very popular and the number of downloads is increasing every year.

Amazon Prime Video (120M), Twitch (70M) and Disney+ (130M) are also among the popular video streaming apps. Providers such as Netflix in particular are constantly expanding their portfolio and always gaining new customers. They are also willing to subscribe to regularly watch new movies, series and documentaries.

7. These apps are downloaded millions of times!

Admittedly, WhatsApp still holds the top spot in messaging, but the competition is on the rise. Apparently, Telegram uses less customer data for advertising purposes and remains largely anonymous. This could be the key to 329 million downloads in 2021.

Telegram may even overthrow WhatsApp. Spotify (music service) and the classic Facebook Messenger are also popular mobile phone apps. But Snapchat, Zoom and CapCut have also been installed over 200 million times in 2021.

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