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20:50 musical interlude with L’Arsène


The Saone-et-Loire Chamber of Commerce, represented by Vice-President Pascal Fragassi, awards Talented Woman 2022 Carol Bernardcommercial director of Hair Essentiel in Loing and Châlons-sur-Saone.

Carole Bernard: “I believed in plants, in plants, and I couldn’t find a salon that matched what I was looking for. So I started with a student fortell her she’s amazing.”


The department of Saône-et-Loire, represented by its president André Akkari, clarifies that youth is not the province of its community. “Nevertheless, we supported all local initiatives in which young people participated. And there were no students in the Departmental Council, which unites more than 100 professions. So we had a real policy of hiring apprentices for these professions.”

He presents the Young Talent trophy Anais Horsesfrom Otun.

Drag an image componentAnais Shevo: “I am not alone in teaching mothers, there are volunteers in the association. My whole family is involved in athletics.


The environmental talent is awarded by Francis Caon, Saone-et-Loire delegate for Enedis, 2022 winner. Tri’O’Trotrepresented by Magali Rush-Paulin and Drag video componentJacques Charton (Teams Jamacy)

Magali Rush-Polin “This is not a step back, a return to animal traction, this is a choice … I’m not even talking about the price of gasoline now! SIRTOM Chagny was the first to believe in us, and then the Burgundy/Franche-Comté region. What makes us happy is the reception of people.”


The Chamber of Notaries of Saône-et-Loire, represented by President Gilin Corgé, is a partner of the event to demonstrate its attachment to the territory.

He returns digital talent to society orgybased in Macon and represented by its director Marie-Gabrielle Brunel.

Marie-Gabrielle Brunel “The digitalization of society has accelerated, our difference is to turn to paramedics and offer services to patients. This improves the nursing relationship as the professional no longer coordinates the schedule. The health search system will start working in April.”


SFR, represented by Cyril-Franz Honegger, Regional Delegate Center-East, talks about the Altice-SFR group’s efforts in the field of cybersecurity and the involvement of the SFR in liaising with Ukrainian refugees.

He remembersDrag the text componentt Talent for Innovation Award Jenny MTin Peronne, represented by Benoit Jeannis, Managing Director.

Pierre Jeanny: “In the 1990s, I wanted to contribute to increasing farmers’ incomes. Containers with lids containing oxygen can significantly increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. For example, cherries can be stored in these bins for 55 to 60 days.”

Photo by LeJSL/KB

Photo by LeJSL/KB

20:05 Project genesis

“We had time to brainstorm while incarcerated! ” points out Frédéric Bouvier, department director of the Journal de Saône-et-Loire, originally working with Christophe Brun, advertising director at the JSL project, which wants to bring all of Saône-et-Loire together.

Next to him is André Akkari, President of the Council of the Department of Saône-et-Loire, the main partner of the event; he emphasizes the “great pleasure we must find together”.

Frédéric Bouvier, Director of the Journal de Saône-et-Loire, and André Akkari, President of the Departmental Council. Photo by LeJSL/KB

Photo by LeJSL

Photo by LeJSL

8 p.m. The party goes on

Martin Gubatyan and Vincent Roquin will host this evening. They will be the decoration of the awards ceremony.

“The jury reviewed a hundred entries and selected exceptional men and women.”

Sona et Loire’s talents can be followed on social media with the hashtag #Talents71.

7:30 p.m. In the halls of the Colosseum

While the last technical preparations are being made in the great hall of the Colosseum, the partners meet and discuss in the living room.

7:00 p.m.

“They help move the lines,” says André Akkari, President of the Council of the Department, at the initiative of Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire and several partners of this first Talents of Saône-et-Loire ceremony.

They and they are the men and women who every day participate in the influence of the department, establish the social bonds that characterize our territory, innovate to place the Saone-et-Loire in an economic dynamic.

In 2022, the Talents of Saône-et-Loire will attract the attention of 12 people who stand out for their actions and commitments in 11 categories.

Follow this event live on our website and on our social networks from 20:00, taking place at the Colosseum in Châlons-sur-Saone.

Talent in 11 nominations

– talent for innovation

– digital talent

– Talent for environment and energy transfer

– young talent

– Female Talent of the Year

– Male Talent of the Year

– Talent for solidarity and citizenship

– Talent “Made in Saone-et-Loire”

– Ambassador of the Talents of Saône-et-Loire

– Favorite Talent of the Jury

– and 2 talents of honor

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