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Several Ukrainian cities are still under bombs. On the 27th day of the invasion, there were no major battles or major offensives: in the Ukrainian news, a curfew was introduced in the capital, the evacuation of Mariupol continued, the sound of falling bombs increased in the port city and in a number of other cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev , Chernihiv… the south of the country, according to the Pentagon. Read our daily military news.

Eyes riveted, no great hope,• negotiations between Kiev and Moscow. If we see the emergence of certain concessions, in particular from Ukraine regarding its desire to integrate into NATO, then the future of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics, as well as the annexed Crimea, continues to be a problem. Vladimir Zelensky said he was ready to discuss with Vladimir Putinpromised” to these regions for arr.be war.” But on Tuesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not respond to the offer. According to him, the negotiation process is “not enough”rgic” or “substation”. All news of the day about the conflict.

Emmanuel Macron believes that “everything related to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is unacceptable”. “International law is being flouted, civilian infrastructure is being bombed, explosive weapons are being used in densely populated areas, and aid workers are being targeted.”, condemned the French president in a video before the first European Humanitarian Forum, which opened on Monday in Brussels. The French group TotalEnergies, for its part, made a small gesture by refusing to buy Russian oil, but not gas.

Contemplation and calls for calm in Corsica after the death of Colonna. The day after the death of Ivan Colonna, an independence fighter convicted of murdering the prefect Erignac, rallies were held on the island, in which several hundred people took part. Ajaccio was calm, but not peaceful. At noon, senior students gathered, and in the evening an all-night vigil was arranged in the cathedral. Gabriel Attal promised to do “whole world” on the death of Ivan Column and called “Calm and Dialogue” For his part, Matignon announced that Alain Ferrandi and Pierre Alessandri, Yvan Colonne’s accomplices in the murder of the Prefect of Erignac, could be handed over “by mid-April” in Borgo prison in Corsica.

Revelations about the fatal eight minutes for Ivan Column. Through the protocols of the investigation and interrogation of the attacker, which Release was able to consult with the Islamist Frank Elong Abe, Release traces the ultra-violent attack on a Corsican nationalist activist who died from his injuries on Monday evening. Read our exclusive story.

Michelin Guide 2022 distributed the stars. The award ceremony for the stars of the famous gastronomic guide took place on Tuesday in Cognac. Result: nothing particularly revolutionary, but there are a few pleasant surprises. Arnaud Donckele suddenly snatches 3 stars for Plénitude (from Cheval Blanc to La Samaritaine), which opened this fall. New stars, of which there are 41 this year, include both young shooters and established chefs. Read our article.

Covid rebound confirmed. The average number of positive Covid-19 cases continues to rise while hospitalizations are no longer declining, according to data released Tuesday by health authorities. The seven-day average, which smooths out the daily tremors, is 98,928, compared to an average of 69,249 last Tuesday and 54,609 the previous day. Read our article.

Jean-Claude Gaudin is sentenced to six months in jail for negligence. The former mayor of Marseille was charged Tuesday for squandering public funds overtime given too generously to his closest staff. The court granted him an appearance for a preliminary confession of guilt (CRPC, French confession of guilt). And, finally, supported his mea culpa against a symbolic sentence of six months’ probation. Read our article.

Several candidates got hunters three weeks before the presidential election. Presidential candidates without Yannick Jadot and Jean-Luc Mélenchon accused of“kill the hunt”, were invited by the National Hunters Federation for an excellent oral presentation. This did not prevent strong exchanges. Read our report.

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LR is defeated and summons Pecress. While the Les Républicains candidate wants to convince her that she can still make it to the second round, some in her camp, having already taken her failure for granted, are thinking behind the scenes about the future of the right and their own political survival. Our poll.

November 13 trial: The elusive comings and goings of Mohamed Abrini. This Tuesday, in front of a specially composed jury, the Belgian-Moroccan suspected of escorting commandos on November 13 in the Paris region did not report any further preparations for the attacks. Our report.

Two new yachts owned by a Russian oligarch have stopped in the Alpes-Maritimes. They were identified by customs and placed under the assets freeze regime. According to our information, their owner is Aleksey Vitorovich Kuzmichev, one of the founders of the Alfa conglomerate engaged in banking and real estate. Our article.

Pharmacies in Paris are under water again. After a few weeks of calm, pollution is rising again. The same is true of the verification requests, which once again put pharmacy supplies and staff to the test. Read our article.

Report from Kharkov, where the Kremlin troops are trying to break down the door. A large city in the north of the country, which was deprived of many of its inhabitants, bears the marks of Russian shelling and bombing. Between fear, anger and determination, the survivors struggle to make their way through the rubble. Read our article.

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