Home visit, attempted theft and break-in, head-on collision… Miscellaneous at a glance at Allier

On Tuesday morning, one or more people visited a house located in the city of Bologna. In the absence of the occupants, they entered without breaking into the dwelling, which was searched and left in great disarray.

According to preliminary data, nothing was stolen, but an inventory is currently being carried out for verification. The investigation was entrusted to the Shevani gendarmes.

Car overturned in Doya

A young woman was the victim of a traffic accident on the D2371 on Tuesday 22 March at around 4:30 pm at a place called Les drop chavées in Doyes. The driver lost control of his city car, after which he crashed into a pole and a gas connection box.

His car stopped on the roof in the courtyard of the house below. The young woman was not injured as a result of the impact. The fire brigade was called and prevented a gas leak. The gendarmes, also present on the spot, guarded traffic on a busy secondary road.

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Head-on collision in the Upper Bocage

A traffic accident involving two cars occurred on Tuesday, March 22, at about 11:30 am on the D553 highway in the Upper Bocage. The driver heading in Maye’s direction swerved (she was allegedly trying to grab her sunglasses from her passenger seat) and crashed into a car traveling in the opposite direction. Two drivers with minor injuries were taken to the Montlucon hospital.

Hacking attempt at Food Bank

After the Secours populaire de Commentry, it was the turn of the local food bank to become the target of a hacking attempt. The investigation is carried out by the gendarmes of the community of brigades of the city of Forges, raised on alarm on Tuesday, March 22, shortly before 2 pm.

The last section of the city boulevard is open to traffic in Vichy (Allier)

Fraudulent theft attempts on Montmaro

On Tuesday, March 22, in the morning, several fraudulent theft attempts were made in Monmaro stores. Therefore, the gendarmes of the Montlucon company call for vigilance.

In Vichy, the driver had heroin and cannabis.

Late Monday evening, on Etats-Unis Boulevard, police checked a motorist whose speech and sparkling eyes could indicate he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This was not the case: tests for alcohol and drugs were negative.

But in his car, this 42-year-old Vichysua had two canisters, one containing 2.28 grams of cocaine and the other containing 5.3 grams of heroin. Placed in police custody, the man confessed that the drugs were for personal use. He will be tried in court in May.

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The driver at Kassa was 16 years old.

At around 3:00 pm on Tuesday, a very young motorist was taken by surprise by a police patrol at Place Louis Blanc in Cusse. At the sight of the policemen, the latter also suddenly jumped out of the car to take to their heels before being quickly overtaken.

After checking, this driver was 16 years old. That’s why he didn’t have a driver’s license. The car belonged to his parents, who will soon have to accompany this boy to the police station.

Driving despite the ban in Vichy

Earlier this Tuesday, police checked a motorist in Ladies Lane who found that he was driving despite a suspension of his driver’s license and without insurance. This 27-year-old Cussetua was called back to the police station.

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