Jadot does not want to choose between Mélenchon and Macron, ministers are campaigning in the reserve period… Political news of the day

Peace writes a synopsis of the campaign for the 2022 presidential election: the daily bulletin, released at 7:00 pm, analyzes the political events of the past day and discusses upcoming appointments.

Today’s information: Behind Emmanuel Macron there is a campaign of members of the government despite the reserve period

On Tuesday morning, government spokesman Gabriel Attal was a guest on the Europa 1 morning show. In the same time, obs published an interview with Minister of Labor Elisabeth Bourne, in which she, like her radio colleague, returns to candidate Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to reform the conditions for the distribution of active solidarity income.

Members of the government around the head of state nonetheless entered on Friday 18 March into a period known as “Reserve” : They can’t rely on government resources to campaign for an outgoing president. The principle is not enshrined in law, but the rule was withdrawn by a circular of the General Secretariat of the Government dated 10 February.

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Specifically, all media appearances, except in work-related emergencies such as Covid-19 for Olivier Véran, should take place during the free time of ministers and cabinet members. Logistical costs (hotels, transport) must be borne by them or by La République en Marche, otherwise they may be added to the last a posteriori, during the control of campaign accounts.

Guest on RMC – BFM-TV, Gabriel Attal explained this on Friday. “I am a government spokesman, but I am also a political supporter of the candidate Emmanuel Macron for his re-election”he argued, pointing out that “Everything is very well organized” between his two roles.

On Tuesday morning at Europe 1, Gabriel Attal, as a supporter of candidate Emmanuel Macron, said in particular that the government intends to attract “all consequences” death in prison of the Corsican nationalist Ivan Colonna. On Wednesday at noon, he must say it again, as an official representative of the government, accepting, as every week, the report of the Council of Ministers from the Elysee Palace.

Image of the day: in Henin-Beaumont, Marine Le Pen appears as the favorite to vote against Emmanuel Macron.

Leaflet distributed by Marine Le Pen's entourage during her trip to the Henin-Beaumont market (Pas de Calais), Tuesday 22 March.

Marine Le Pen has chosen to participate in the BFM-TV program the constituency of Pas de Calais, where she was first elected as an MP in 2017. “France in the eyes”, Tuesday evening. To mark the occasion, the National Rally (RN) candidate spent a day in the town of Henin-Beaumont, where she took selfies in the marketplace and held brochures with the residents of the commune, who have been led by RN-chosen since 2014. Steve Briua.

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In one circulated leaflet, campaign group Marine Le Pen describes the discussion: “the only useful voice is a marine”. In a distant showdown against little music played by Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s campaign on the left, and in a head-to-head showdown on the right against Valerie Pecresse and Eric Zemmour, who ranked less well in the polls in the twenty days after the first round. “Defeat Macron”the far-right candidate is the favorite, even if the polls she broadcasts show she, like her rivals, is losing to the incumbent head of state in the second round.

Yannick Jadot: “We will see the second round, but make no mistake in the first round”

A France Inter morning guest on Tuesday, environmentalist Yannick Jadot declined to say whether he would choose Emmanuel Macron or Jean-Luc Mélenchon during a possible confrontation between the two candidates in the second round of the presidential election. “I am campaigning. At the moment my goal is the first round.Yannick Jadot said.

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The MEP built his campaign in opposition to the President of the Republic, but since the beginning of the war in Ukraine he has tried by all means to separate his left line from the La France insoumise line, which he regularly criticizes. leader, especially in his international politics.

“If you want us to protect forests, oceans, if you want us to protect life, if you want our country to have more social justice, economic innovation, more democracy. Well, it’s a green vote that has to be chosen.”he addressed public radio listeners before continuing: “This is a vote of choice. This is a positive vote. This is a vote to build the society we so badly need. We will see the second round, but make no mistake in the first round. »

Deal of the day: Eric Zemmour wants to create a “remigration” ministry

Eric Zemmour defended the idea of ​​a ministry in the Aulnay-sous-Bois market in Seine-Saint-Denis “migration”the concept of identical thinking to rule out “The Strangers We Don’t Need Anymore”illegals, delinquents, criminals and “S-files”.

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The only presidential candidate to support a far-right conspiracy theory “great replacement” adopted from the European population by non-European immigrants, it corresponds “migration” a new demand from far-right radicals and writer Renaud Camus. This expression did not appear in his original program.

Eric Zemmour assured him that this was not a sign “radicalization” but from “determination” and set a quantitative goal: “You can imagine 100,000 layoffs a year. » “These are demagogic proposalswas criticized Tuesday morning on France 2 by Jordan Bardella, acting president of the National Rally. The ministry responsible for managing immigration is called the Ministry of the Interior. »

Campaign in the archives of Le Monde… In 2002, Jacques Chirac is troubled by international news in the midst of a campaign


The outgoing President of the Republic, a candidate for re-election, whose election campaign is shaken by international events. In March 2002, Jacques Chirac fought his socialist rival and Prime Minister Lionel Jospin and decided to attend a United Nations summit in Monterrey, Mexico dedicated to solidarity with developing countries.

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“Was the candidate interested in forgoing even forty-eight hours of a campaign played head to head? »writes journalist Babette Stern in Peace deciphering the state of mind of the Elysee Palace advisers as Jacques Chirac is about to board the plane. “Keeping the status of head of state may not bring him points in the polls, but it will not take them away from him”continues Peace.

Moreover, if Jacques Chirac had not left, Lionel Jospin could have taken his place and become the representative of France that the right does not particularly want him to become. Domestic and foreign policy agendas are mixed: “While the candidate for prime minister promises that there will be no more homeless people in France in 2007, the presidential candidate flies to help the world’s poor. » “Willingly” for Jacques Chirac, concludes Babette Stern, “Cohabitation overtook him. »

Scheduled for Wednesday, March 23

Programs. Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour are hosting a new presentation of their respective programs after having made a significant portion of their events in meetings and in the media in recent months. The National Rally candidate must present to the press the total cost of their project from their Paris headquarters at the end of the day; it’s the Reconquista! also holds a press conference at noon to discuss their proposals in detail.

Handebat. The Association for the Incorporation of Disability in Public and Private Policies, the French Confederation for the Social Support of the Blind and Amblyopic and the Federation of 100% Handynam organize Handébat at the House of Radio from 11:00. Eight candidates must be present or presented: Anne Hidalgo, Yannick Jadot, Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Valerie Pecresse, Fabien Roussel or Eric Zemmour. Some of them, including the Republican candidate and the Mad France candidate, have already been interviewed by the organizers about the inclusion of disability in their program.

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