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Comrades François Favre

With Naja Bensaid, Agnès Jaoui, Pio Marmai…

What is it about ? At the age of 19, passionate about street art, Nael is forced to participate in a reintegration project with other young people, her last chance to avoid being separated from her loved ones.

Did you know ? With this film, the director wanted to emphasize such values ​​as mutual assistance and manual labor: “All these manual operations that we tend to downplay these days actually require a lot of know-how and experience.” The training really touched me.”

Maigret, Patrice Lecomte

Gerard Depardieu, Jade Labest, Melanie Bernier…

What is it about ? Maigret investigates the death of a young girl. There is nothing that would point to her, it seems that no one knew her and did not remember. He meets a perpetrator who looks oddly like the victim, and awakens in him the memory of another disappearance, more ancient and intimate…

Did you know ? The film is adapted from Georges Simenon’s Maigret and the Little Death, first published in 1954. The story already had four TV adaptations from 1959 to 1973. Daniel Auteuil was originally going to play the lead role. But in the end he refused in favor of Gerard Depardieu.

According to La Police Frederic Vido

Mathieu Lucci, Patrick d’Assumsao, Anne-Cecile Mo…

What is it about ? One morning, an exhausted field cop, known to everyone in his precinct as Ping-Pong, burns his police ID and disappears without warning. One day and one night colleagues look for him, meet him and lose him in Toulouse and its suburbs.

Did you know ? Frédéric Vidot chose Patrick d’Asssumsao as the main character when he saw The Never Ending Blue, in which the actor plays the strange Henri, recently abandoned by his wife. A performance that brought him a double prize for interpretation at the Jean Carmet Festival in Moulin and a nomination for the César Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Black Light by Mark Williams (II)

Starring Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn, Taylor John Smith…

What is it about ? Travis Block speaks for the FBI when all other options have been exhausted. When ordered to silence an agent who wants to expose the Bureau’s methods to the press, he realizes he has become a pawn in a terrible plot.

Did you know ? The storyline of Blacklight is inspired by the activities of COINTELPRO (Counterintelligence Program in the 60s and 70s), a series of covert and illegal operations organized by the FBI and designed to monitor, infiltrate, discredit and undermine the political organizations of Americans.

They are alive Jeremy Elkaim

Marina Foyce, Sir Kochi, Laetitia Dosh…

What is it about ? Recently widowed, Beatrice lives with her son and mother. His meeting with Mokhtar, an Iranian teacher who arrived illegally in Europe, will change his daily life and his beliefs. Out of love for him, she will have to defy the prejudices of others and the laws of her country.

Did you know ? “They Live” was originally a project by Marina Foyce, inspired by the short story “Kalai, my love” by Béatrice Huret. An actress who has known Jeremy Elkaim since the filming of Polis told him about the adaptation. It was then that Marina’s producers offered Jeremy to direct it.

Zai Zai Zai Zai by Francois Desagnat

Jean-Paul Ruve, Julie Depardieu, Ramsay Bedia…

What is it about ? Fabrice, a comedian, realizes while shopping that he doesn’t have a loyalty card. Despite being threatened by a guard, he manages to escape. Then a merciless run begins, for the one who quickly becomes public enemy number 1.

Did you know ? François Desagna owned the Fabcaro comic and valued it to the point that he regularly offered it to those around him. If the desire to bring it to the screen was strong, then he initially refused it, because he considered the project “crazy and unattainable.” It was producer Thibault Gast, to whom Desagna offered a copy of the work, who suggested that the director adapt it for cinema.

The Seeds We Sow by Natan Nikolovich

Guys Bertoud-Uraba, Flontin Masengo, Pauline Perrin-Becart…

What is it about ? Accused of tagging MACRON’S RESIGN on the wall of her high school, Chiara didn’t make it out of custody alive. Frustrated, his classmates decide to speak…

Did you know ? The Seeds We Sow was created at the invitation of the City of Ivry-sur-Seine as part of an educational project initiated by the municipal cinema Le Luxy and carried out in partnership with the Lycée Romain Rolland with students of the 1st Literary Film Option.

Not the same, but still Jesús Perez, Gerd Gockell, Miran Miosic

What is it about ? 4 story program to make a difference. It doesn’t matter what color we are, whether we are smaller or taller, everyone can bring their stone into the building and coexist for the better. Get rid of prejudice, get rid of other people’s views and realize what we are made of.

To our children Maria de Medeiros

Marieta Severo, Jose de Abreu, Laura Castro…

What is it about ? Vera, who fought dictatorship in the 1970s, now runs an orphanage for HIV-positive children in Rio. His daughter Tanya has been trying for several months with her partner Vanessa to have a PMA baby. The gap between them widened…

Did you know ? “For Our Children” is based on the play “For Our Children” by Laura Castro (who plays Tanya in the film), which director Maria de Medeiros herself staged in Brazil. She recalls: “I received the piece in 2013. This is a dialogue between mother and daughter, a long dinner with enough water. Mother is not at all conservative, she went through guerrilla warfare, prison, torture, exile. for HIV-positive orphans”.

Under the sky of Kutaisi author Alexander Koberidze

With Giorgi Bochorishvili, Ani Karseladze, Oliko Barbakadze…

What is it about ? It’s love at first sight when Liza and George meet by chance on the streets of Kutaisi. Love overtakes them so suddenly that they even forget to ask each other by name. Before continuing on their journey, they decide to meet the next day.

Did you know ? Under the skies of Kutaisi, a love story unfolds and keeps you in suspense to find out if it will materialize one day. Alexander Koberidze explains how he came up with the idea of ​​the curse and lost connections theme:

“As a child, I often had to wear an agate stone, usually on my arm, to protect myself from the evil eye. Today, almost no one does this, and I’m trying to figure out why. Does the evil eye no longer exist or is it just that no one believes in it anymore?

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