Pascal Caillet (La Poste): “The dynamic alliance is the driving force behind our SSE policy”

Pascal Caillé (La Poste): “The dynamic alliance is the engine of our SSE policy.” Photo credit: iStock.

  • What is a dynamic alliance?

The dynamic alliance brings together players in the social and solidarity economy with whom La Poste has entered into partnerships whose contours are defined by the Group’s four social commitments: regional development and cohesion, social inclusion, digital inclusion and ecological transition. Together, based on the specific needs of the territories, we reflect on the actions to be taken in these four areas of intervention. We now have 1300 territorial partnerships, mostly associations, but also large federations and start-ups with social impact.

  • What types of partnerships can be found within the Dynamic Alliance?

We have four types of partnerships. The first category concerns the development of responsible practices, calling on our partners in Alliance Dynamique to carry out our activities. This is, for example, the case of inclusive procurement, which we carry out with adapted and protected sector structures, or integration through economic activities. The second type of partnership concerns skills sponsorship. Our postal workers intervene in support of one hundred and twenty noted associations by responding to advertisements posted on our dedicated platform. And then there are our partnerships for joint construction. It can be economic cooperation or social innovation, with jointly developed solutions that create value for the territories or the citizens who live there.

For example, our rural post offices welcome solidarity enterprises such as Country counters Where 1000 coffee.

  • Does Dynamic Alliance have a special resonance since La Poste became a company with a mission?

Yes, this once again confirms that SSE players are great leverage in helping us meet the four social commitments that are now included in our mission-driven company charter. It’s in a direct relationship. The Dynamic Alliance is the engine of our SSE policy. La Poste walks on two legs, economic activity and general interest.

We are convinced that, acting together with our partners in the Dynamic Alliance, we can contribute to reducing environmental, social and digital divides and thus have a positive impact on the territories.

Taking our rural offices as an example, by offering a wider range of services available at longer times, we manage to maintain our postal presence by relying on our local partners in the social and solidarity economy. These partnerships contribute to rural regeneration and our commitment to territorial unity.

  • What are the Dynamic Alliance priorities for 2022?

In 2022, we are focusing heavily on digital inclusion. La Poste has every right to be the main player in France in the fight against illiteracy.

Around a million people visit our 17,000 contact points every day. Thus, we have a significant capacity to identify people in situations of illiteracy, and our goal is to offer them solutions that will help them to use digital technologies.

For the last three years in 500 post offices located in the priority areas of the city, we have been conducting operational-search activities with intermediaries PIMS and a little bit PERSONS Foundation. These intermediaries offer our clients the opportunity to participate in an introductory seminar on digital banking practices within their respective associations.

We also support 200,000 clients a year in their online administrative procedures at 350 France Services La Poste branches located throughout the country, especially in rural areas.

As part of the recovery plan, we will deploy 100 digital consultants to 57 departments starting April 2022. These consultants will be assigned to post offices and will train clients or beneficiaries of partner associations and communities in the daily use of digital technologies.

To these 100 advisors, 100 new locations are added. Thus, we invest with Bank of territories refurbish 100 post offices and provide IT-equipped space free of charge to our Alliance Dynamique partners for digital initiation workshops.

In terms of equipment, in addition to our affordable La Poste Mobile solutions, we have developed the Ardoiz tablet for the elderly with special modules adapted to their use. We rely on associative networks (eg ADMR) for workshops to get the tool started with their beneficiaries.

Thus, digital inclusion is the subject of territorial cooperation, in which we are really accelerating. We supported 250,000 people in 2020, then 400,000 people in 2021. We plan to help more than 500,000 people in 2022.

  • You recently published a brochure that talks about the Dynamic Alliance. Who would you like to tell about it?

It is above all a tool for new SSE partners to want to join us, highlighting the innovative partnerships we have established in 2021 and which we want to replicate.

Our strategic plan calls for the creation of 150 new local partnerships per year. We would like to inform you about our capabilities and the various areas in which we work with SSE members. We are already in a very positive dynamic phase. In three years, we have already doubled our partnerships.

We also want to involve our employees within the company, in particular the managers of the various branches of Le Groupe La Poste.

The brochure is a way to demonstrate that the Dynamic Alliance is an important leverage for making a positive impact in the areas we are targeting,

We also measure this impact through metrics linked to our four social commitments with a stated ambition to stay on the podium of the global non-financial rankings.

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