ritestream launch platform for film and TV content will revolutionize the global content market… –

“The influx of film versions is democratizing the creator economy, disrupting the status quo in the industry and providing a springboard for independent content creators.

NEW YORKFebruary 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — all ritesonline marketplace for buyers and sellers of creative content, happy to add flow of rites to his offer in the field of entertainment. The launch of ritestream marks the beginning of a revolution in content creation, monetization and distribution. It was designed with the main goal of democratizing the creator economy that underpins the film and television industry.

Today, 90% of film and TV content is not fully monetized, and only one in 2,200 shows offered by the network becomes a series in the United States due to an imperfect content licensing model. In today’s world of instant gratification, everything is in demand, and when it comes to entertainment, providers need a vast and ever-growing catalog of content. A traditional broadcaster may need 600 hours of content, while a streaming platform may need 6,000. This demand can no longer be met by traditional methods. Indeed, for too long the prospects of television and film makers have depended solely on the decisions of a select elite, depriving the entertainment industry of original and exciting content and requiring a technological revolution. Enter: ritual flow.

ritestream, the launch pad for film and TV content on the Internet3, will completely change the way content is handled by creators and buyers. Powered by blockchain technology and NFT, ritestream’s revolutionary marketplace will be a refreshing alternative to the traditional methods of buying and selling content. The ritestream marketplace is backed by the allrites content distribution business, which has over 5,000 B2B users, over 82,000 hours of content, and a combined reach of over 100 million viewers. The marketplace operates differently than the rest of the industry, offering a content-as-a-service model where streaming platforms can access a massive amount of content for a small monthly fee. This innovation also gives subscribers the ability to change this content from month to month based on consumer behavior.

As this marketplace transitions from Web2 to Web3, ritestream is becoming an ecosystem of four distinct elements that work in harmony. First, content can be distributed and licensed through the online store. In addition, Launchpad offers independent creators the opportunity to find funding for film and television projects. The third and fourth components are the NFT platform, where you can use NFT for movies and TV shows, as well as a mobile application where you can monetize content.

Riaz Mehta, CEO and co-founder of allrites and ritestream, is excited to revolutionize the content industry with a democratized creator economy. “It’s time for the content distribution industry to see the technological revolution we’ve seen in other industries,” he said. “This is a ritestream: an opportunity to empower film and TV makers, improve the viewer experience with a wide range of content, and redefine old ways of buying and selling in favor of a newer, smarter, and fairer system. »

About the ritual flow

ritestream, a product of allrites, is a content-as-a-service and NFT film and television production and monetization platform. As a carefully curated film version on Web3, it serves as a launching pad for film and TV content. The ritestream ecosystem includes an existing content marketplace for global movie, TV and live sports rights, giving streaming platforms the flexibility to access thousands of hours of content for a low monthly fee. The ritestream launchpad offers creators a revolutionary platform to fund, monetize and distribute content using NFT technology. The ritestream app provides a distribution mechanism for consumers to view and interact with content, and supports their favorite celebrities and actors by purchasing limited edition NFTs. The entire ecosystem runs on the RITE coin, a native token used to invest in independent film projects, buy NFTs, and view content. Consumers can earn RITE coins by rating content on the ritestream app.

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