Up to date with the war in Ukraine: a conference to rethink their reception and “hospitality” towards exiles, tonight in Orleans

Cercil-Memorial Museum of the Children of Vel d’Hiv and the Philomania association organize conference followed by a debate on hospitality towards exiles, this Tuesday evening, in Orleans. Conference led by Laurence Lacroix, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Lycée Voltaire.

“Hospitality is a must”

The conference is called “Hospitality: Greet a Stranger?”. Why this question?

“Hospitality is a must, I affirm it. The conference could not have been more relevant, even if it had been planned two years ago, before Covid. The question is to know how…”

Orleans, who volunteered to receive Ukrainian refugees, testify

What answers will you give?

The conference will be divided into two parts: the first will be devoted to the political-economic, global aspect of migration since 2010 around the world. Because this is not only a European problem. The second part will look for a way out of the current impasse.”

“How we manage or don’t manage migration”

Why are you talking about a dead end?

“There is something that we do not accept everyone, borders closed, walled, sometimes with thorns. The rise of the far right, the risk of an explosion in Europe.

The level of protection for asylum seekers is low: 43% refusal in Europe, 64% in France. It’s huge! Added to this is the closure of borders and extremely high mortality at sea, in the Mediterranean Sea and the English Channel. not forgetting the crushing problem of Calais and how we manage or don’t manage migration.

When the city of Orleans is working on a plan to receive Ukrainian refugees

You mentioned migrants, refugees… Will you approach these populations from the same point of view?

“On the contrary, I will start the conference by doing legal distinction between the terms refugees, displaced persons, exiles, migrants. I will show the reality behind these words and what rights they give.”

“Answers of the Five Philosophers”

You talked about how to respond to a stalemate…

“There is a deficit in the ability to receive, which is associated not only with a lack of empathy, but also with intellectual, political, economic deficit. This is where philosophy comes in.

“We will look for the answers of five philosophers to thinking about new procedures : Emmanuel Levinas, who played a central role in this reflection, Hannah Arendt, Jacques Derrida, Emmanuel Kant and Etienne Balibar. The latter spent much of his time thinking about the issues of borders, peoples, popular sovereignty in multicultural states.

Without revealing the entire content of the evening, where will this reflection lead?

“Hannah Arendt’s two sentences are what light up the conference: “Everyone has the right to have rights”; and “No man is illegal.”

This premise is not acquired and never has been, let’s see how we can deal with it…”

I went

Conference-debate, Tuesday, March 22, at 19:00, at the Maison des lycéens of the Jean-Zay high school, 2 Rue Ferdinand-Buisson, Orléans.

Interview Caroline Bozek

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