War enters Kyiv, Boeing crash in China, two far-right suspects in the death of ex-rugby player Aramburu… This Monday’s News

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The war enters Kyiv, “major war crime” in Mariupol in the EU. On the night from Sunday to Monday, a Russian shopping center came under fire. The Russian army claims that this shopping center was empty and served as a warehouse for weapons and ammunition. At least eight people have died. On the 26th day of the invasion of Ukraine, by decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin, shelling of a number of cities continues: Kyiv, Kharkov, Mariupol, Odessa, Nikolaev… On Monday, the European Union described “major war crime” the ruin of the besieged and shelled Mariupol. Check out our daily military news on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Russia blocks Facebook and Instagram for “extremism”. A Russian court on Monday banned social media giants Facebook and Instagram for “extremism”. “The court upheld the claim of the First Deputy Attorney General against the holding company Meta Platforms Inc. on the prohibition of its activities on the territory of Russia”, the court said. Read also our transcript: Europe cut off from the Internet by Russia: a real threat and part of a fantasy.

Boeing crashed in China with 132 people on board. A Boeing 737 with 132 people on board crashed on Monday in southern China after falling from a height of 8,000 meters. This plane crash could be the deadliest in the country since 1994. The exact death toll was not released on Monday evening in Beijing after the crash prompted President Xi Jinping’s unusually strong reaction for a Chinese leader. But looking at the crash data, it seemed unlikely that anyone had survived. This is stated in the message of China Eastern Airlines. “pay tribute” to “dead” disasters.

Another day of action in the face of soaring fuel prices. Filtration dams, blockades of oil depots and oil refineries: Construction workers, fishermen, farmers, transporters or taxi drivers, dissatisfied with government statements, staged new protests across the country on Monday against fuel prices. A 400 million euro bailout package for hauliers and a 15 cents per liter diesel discount announced last week by the government failed to assuage the anger of the demonstrators. Read also: Remote work, speed limits, train… ten measures recommended to overcome Russian oil shortage

The world is moving forward “eyes closed to the climate catastrophe,” the UN Secretary General regrets. The world is coming “Eyes closed to the climate catastrophe”, the UN secretary-general warned on Monday. António Guterres regrets that despite “aggravation” situation, major economies continue to tolerate increases in greenhouse gas emissions. The goal of limiting temperature rise to +1.5°C above pre-industrial times, the Paris Agreement’s most ambitious goal, is at a “critical stage,” he told a sustainability conference hosted by Economist In London.

A call by 450 scientists to change our eating habits. A war in Ukraine could jeopardize the food security of countries like Lebanon. In a joint statement released on Monday, more than 450 scientists remind of the absolute need to change our behavior in order to build a more resilient and crisis-resistant world. According to them, the same solution applies to these two cases:less animal products, less waste and a greener EU agricultural policy.” Our article.

A woman in custody after the murder of former rugby player Martin Aramburu. A woman suspected of being involved in the murder of ex-rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu on Saturday in Paris was arrested later that day and was still in police custody on Monday morning. source close to the investigation. According to the same source, the 24-year-old young woman was driving a car when two other suspects shot the former Argentine on a boulevard in the 6th arrondissement around 6 am. One of the two suspects in the death of former Argentine rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu on Saturday morning in Paris, Loic Le Priaulx, was under judicial supervision and, according to our information, was denied entry to Paris. With a man suspected of being his accomplice, Romain B., they were already involved in a case of beatings at a rally that looked like heinous torture against another activist from their political family, two men belonging to the radical radical movement. right. They were still actively searched for on Monday evening.

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Irina Vereshchuk: “Putin is personally taking revenge on the people of Mariupol.” The Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine has tirelessly called for the opening and observance of humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians in cities hit by Russian strikes. Find an interview with Irina Verechuk.

“Let them feel at home”: there is unconditional solidarity with Ukrainians in Poland. Free housing, donations, volunteering… Civil society is mobilizing en masse to welcome the 2 million exiles who have crossed the border. Faced with the risk of saturation, some are calling on the state to do the same. Our report.

The identity of the Cathos of the community of Saint-Martin in the conquest of France. Symbolizing the drift of French Catholicism, resisting the sirens of the far right less and less, the ultra-conservative community seeks to spread its influence across the country from its new bastion of Mont Saint-Michel. Our poll.

Poetry of Monday: Griselidis Real, whore and rebel. Every week, released gives to read an excerpt from the collection, which gives the poetic topicality. This Monday was immersed in the poems of a Swiss writer and a prostitute, collected for the first time in one book by Seghers. Chronicle.

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