War in Ukraine live: military take back positions from Russian troops, says Pentagon


  • After nearly a month of fighting, several cities in Ukraine have been destroyed, more than 3.5 million refugees have fled the country, and hopes for a ceasefire are stymied by stalled negotiations.
  • At least eight people were killed in an explosion at a shopping center in Kyiv on the night from Sunday to Monday. Moscow claimed that it was a warehouse of weapons and ammunition.
  • Ukraine has rejected the Kremlin’s ultimatum to surrender the besieged city of Mariupol. “There is no question of capitulation or laying down of arms,” ​​the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine said.
  • Kyiv is waking up again this morning under an extended curfew to avoid more deaths, which is in effect until tomorrow morning.


The Russians are strengthening their air presence

Faced with heavy losses and fierce defense, the Russian military has increased its presence in Ukrainian airspace,” the Ukrainian military said in a Facebook post. “In addition to the use of drones, the enemy uses bombers, attack and combat aircraft, ballistic and cruise missiles.”

Americans estimate that more than 7,000 Russian soldiers have died since the start of the war.


New attempt to evacuate civilians from Mariupol

Ukrainian authorities announce a new attempt to evacuate civilians stranded in Mariupol (south), where Russian tanks have entered after weeks of bombing.

Three humanitarian corridors were to be opened between the city of Zaporozhye and settlements near Mariupol, about which the President of Ukraine

More than 200,000 people are still in the port city, according to an official quoted by Human Rights Watch. Fugitive residents described to the NGO a “freezing hell, streets littered with corpses” and “thousands of people cut off from the world” holed up in basements without water, food, electricity or communications.


Three Israelis abducted by Russian military in Ukraine released

Three Israelis abducted by Russian soldiers on Monday in Melitopol, a city in southeastern Ukraine controlled by Moscow forces, were released hours later, Serhiy Tomilenko, president of the Union of Journalists of Ukraine, said.

“The family of publisher Mikhail Kumok has finally been liberated by the invaders,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, they were arrested, interrogated and their phones were confiscated.


Ukraine in some places restores positions against Russian troops

The Ukrainian army is conducting counter-offensives, which have allowed, in particular, in the south to recapture positions from Russian troops that have encountered communication difficulties, a Pentagon spokesman assured.

According to CNN’s John Kirby, the Ukrainian military is “chasing the Russians and pushing them out of areas where the Russians used to be.”

In particular, due to the lack of coordination in the Russian army, gasoline and food, “we think we have not observed (recently, ed.) any real major Russian offensive, except in the south”, where they are closer to base in the Crimea to his rear, he added. “So yeah, they’re in trouble.”


Song of the Survivor

Volunteer from Kharkiv Sergey Ivanchuk, 29, was injured while delivering humanitarian aid. He dreamed of becoming an opera singer, studied in Italy, but returned to Ukraine to help. Despite a lung injury, he sings.


Over 3.5 million refugees

More than 3.5 million people have fled Ukraine, according to UN estimates released today, and hostilities erupted on February 24 as a result of an incursion by the Russian army. “The scale of human suffering and forced displacement due to war far exceeds even the worst predicted scenarios,” Antonio Vitorino, director general of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), said on Monday.


Kyiv received honorary citizenship of the city of Paris

The Council of Paris has unanimously granted honorary citizenship to Kiev, a “vibrant and freedom-loving” city, according to PS Mayor Anna Hidalgo, half of whose population of 3.5 million has already fled the Russian army’s bombing raids. The municipal assembly also approved a one million euro humanitarian package: 360,000 euros for four organizations working in Ukraine or in neighboring countries where civilians flock, and 640,000 euros to receive refugees in the French capital, now divided between Porte de – Versailles Exhibition Center (15th century) and two gyms located near the East (10th) and Lyon (12th) stations.


Russia imposes sanctions for “false information” about its actions abroad

This text, adopted by the deputies, provides for punishment for “public dissemination of deliberately false information under the guise of reliable information” about “the activities of Russian state bodies outside the territory of Russia,” according to a press release from the parliament.


Zelensky invites the Pope to play the role of mediator


The Paris Philharmonic cancels the programs of Russian artists

The Paris Philharmonic will change its 2022-2023 season, which has programmed Russian guests such as conductor Valery Gergiev or the Bolshoi Theater orchestra boycotted in Europe over their ties to power in Moscow at the height of the war in Ukraine. “The Russian invasion of Ukraine happened while the brochure for the 2022-2023 season was being printed. Consequently, the institution has taken the decision to change its program and cancel or adapt some of the concerts,” reads the insert in the brochure.


France will supply plumbing to Romania

France will deliver 11 fire engines, 16 ambulances and 23 trucks with 49 tons of medical and emergency equipment to Romania on Wednesday, according to a press release from the Foreign and Interior Ministry. This donation is complemented by a convoy of 21 new ambulances. The latter was made possible, in part, thanks to the contribution of local authorities and companies, the statement said.


EU plans to create a trust fund to support Ukraine

EU leaders are considering creating a “trust fund” to support Ukraine, according to a draft document seen by AFP. The fund will “help provide basic services and meet the urgent needs of citizens” and “provide liquidity to further support the authorities, and in the long term will serve as a basis for reconstruction,” according to the president. European Council Charles Michel.


As a result of the terrorist attack near Donetsk, 5 people were killed.

The city of Avdiivka near Donetsk in eastern Ukraine was the target of a Russian attack on Monday night, killing at least five people and injuring 19, said Lyudmila Denisova, human rights officer in the Ukrainian parliament. The city was “the target of artillery fire and aerial bombardment (by Russians) that completely destroyed the village,” she insists.


Medvedev accused Poland of “Russophobia”

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warns Poland against what he sees as “Russophobia” from “talentless politicians with clear signs of senile dementia,” in a lengthy message posted on his Telegram account. “Poland forgets that the Soviet army liberated it from fascist occupation,” he wrote again.


Russian Nobel Peace Prize donates its medal to refugees

Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov announces that his 2021 Nobel Peace Prize medal will be put up for sale with proceeds going to help Ukrainian refugees. The newspaper Novaya Gazeta, of which he is editor, “decided to donate the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize medal to a fund to help Ukrainian refugees,” he says. The gold and silver alloy medal will be valued by the auction house, which will then put it up for sale to the highest bidder.


Moscow says talks are not ‘substantial’ enough


“Close your ports to Russians,” Zelensky asks

“Close your ports to Russians,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the Italian people. “There is a war going on in front of your coast with people you know,” he adds.


“This is a total war,” Zelensky assures.

“For three weeks, the city of Mariupol was besieged, under constant shelling. People were forced to walk under the bombs in order to be evacuated,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in front of the Italian parliament. “This is a total war that has been prepared for a long time,” he continues, adding that “the sale of hydrocarbons financed combat vehicles.”


“How much blood will it take? Zelensky asks.

“We have to put pressure on Russia. Thousands of families were destroyed, thousands of houses were abandoned. Only one person remains responsible for this,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the Italian parliament. “How much blood will be shed, how many families will be destroyed? “, he continues.


“We must resist,” the mayor of Nikolaev believes

When asked about the BFMTV, the mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich assures that the Ukrainians “will not yield to the Russians.” “We must resist. Not a single square kilometer should be ceded to the Russians. Putin will not stop at territorial promises, he will continue his operation to take over all of Ukraine,” he said.


“I was tortured with electricity”


Chic restaurants in Kyiv are handing out free lunches

No more caviar and oysters. Now trendy downtown restaurants like Chernomorka are giving away free meals to Kievans. Pancakes with trout caviar or pike caviar with green onions disappeared from the menu after the restaurant closed. People who come to the restaurant now get a nutritious chicken and rice dish.


Sleeping children at the train station in Warsaw

Many children who fled Ukraine after the Russian invasion are now in Poland. Some of them are currently sleeping at Warsaw Central Station, according to a CNN journalist who was able to film the scene. “This is what the Warsaw train station looks like at 9 am,” she tweeted.


Two yachts of Russian oligarch Abramovich are moored in Turkey


Over 3.5 million refugees

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), 3,528,346 Ukrainians left the country. According to the agency, more than two million people entered Poland.

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