Zemmour wants a “ministry of remigration”, Roussel will block the extreme right… Campaign news on Tuesday

Red line. If Fabien Roussel refutes the idea of ​​a useful left vote in favor of Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first round, the Communist Party candidate assures that he will call for blocking the far right in the event of a Marine Le Pen-Emmanuel Macron duel on the second floor.

In a newspaper interview Parisian, he states: “It is clear to me, and this is the distinction I have on the left, that I will never allow the far right to lay hands on the Republic. I will never allow racist and anti-Semitic speech to prevail.”

Today’s meeting

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Support. On Tuesday, March 22, from 6:30 pm, Anne Hidalgo will hold an open meeting in Limoges. She won’t be alone. The Socialist candidate will have at his side Didier Le Bret, his adviser on “democracy”, and especially François Hollande, significant reinforcements to attack the finish line of a difficult and atypical campaign.

The presence of François Hollande at this meeting in Limoges is far from anecdotal. However, some of his former ministers have declared their support for Emmanuel Macron.

Anne Hidalgo and François Hollande at a meeting in Limoges on Tuesday 22 March.

The former head of state seems to want to show, on the one hand, his attachment to his political family, and, on the other hand, the leading role that he undoubtedly intends to play in the process of restructuring the socialist party, which should materialize at the next congress.

Article to read

Representation. Women in France won the right to vote in 1944, after 100 years of struggle. Historian Anne-Sara Bugle Moalik, a researcher at the University of Caen, reconstructs the history of this era of disputes and fights.

An expert on women’s suffrage in France, she has published March of the Citizenspublished by Cerf in 2021. She analyzes for us these years of struggle between social and political factors and changing public opinion.

She also presents her opinion on the representation of women in the 2022 presidential election: “Four female candidates out of twelve are a real mix. This is not ideal parity, but we are getting closer to it. Interestingly, in this election, the government parties invested women without any problems.”

The rest of this interview can be found in our article.

Deal of the day

Escalation. Eric Zemmour is pushing the cursor a little in his fight against immigration. Guest of M6 news on March 21, Reconquista candidate! wants to create a “Ministry of Remigration” if he is elected.

He then detailed his tasks: “The ministry will have funds, it will have charters, we will make collective flights.” President-elect, he will also travel himself “to the Maghreb to discuss with the leaders of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia how we can organize this.” He also said he wants to restore “a crime cover-up that hasn’t been done since 2012.”


Movements. In addition to meeting Anne Hidalgo in Limoges, Marine Le Pen will head to the Henin-Beaumont market in Pas-de-Calais this Tuesday morning. The RN candidate will also take part in the prime time show on BFM-TV. Emmanuel Macron will be at France Bleu at 13:00.

“The everyday life of young people shapes their citizenship,” analyzes the sociologist Sebastian Roche.

Newspaper Current values organizes his “Debate on Values” in Paris with Marlene Schiappa, Valerie Pecresse, Eric Ciotti, Jordan Bardella and Marion Maréchal-Le Pen.

The National Hunters’ Federation also hears several presidential candidates or their representatives. Only Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Yannick Jadot did not respond to this invitation.

Julien Jago

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