100 movie classics coming soon in audio description

To make film masterpieces accessible to blind and visually impaired people: this is the mission of the Les mots dits association, which will put one hundred classic films “described by audio” online.

From ” stolen kisses » from Truffaut to « red wedding » Claude Chabrol, « Cleo 5 to 7 » from Agnès Varda to « Sobibor » Claude Lanzmann, « is a heritage collection for eight million visually impaired, blind, deaf and hard of hearing people that we will try to create “explains Marie Gomi,” audio descriptor and film buff. The very first of these films Chronicle of summer (1961) by Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin has just been placed on the platform. Sinetek, a streaming site for cinephiles, and about twenty others should follow shortly. Altogether, it would probably take five years of work to compile a list of one hundred films. They will also be available for consultation on the Digital Media Library, an online service available to subscribers to most public media libraries. ” One minute of a movie in an audio description is one hour of work. “, Emphasizes Marie Gomi, because” audio description is a translation, not just a narrative of what is happening in the image “. ” You have to adapt to the style of the film and give the listener, for example, an idea of ​​the difference in filming between Godard and Truffaut, all without using technical terms such as “big plans” where ”wide shots”. The contribution of visually impaired or blind correctors is important: Say ”The phone rings”, this is the basics, but the description should give information about what is happening, as well as how it is portrayed by the camera says Hamu Buakkaz, blind from birth. This former elected official, the core of the project, intends ” create equality between the visually impaired and others on a legacy of art that is over a century old “.

Legacy Films: Blind Spot

Eric Romer – a textbook case: ” You can listen to his films very well without audio description, but real audio description makes you see differently, it’s not just a conversation “, he continues. Short, ” cannot be described “radio film” like Dallas, like Orson Welles is described “. Marie Gomi tore her hair out on the plans” Contempt “(“Godard, this is hell,” she assures) or on the question ” outside the fields “, a riddle because” everything that is said comes to mind listener. Not to mention that the description should be short enough not to Knockout viewer. Audio description has become mandatory as of 2020 for all released films. But the question of legacy films, beyond the great classics aired on television, remains a blind spot. Hence the idea to select a hundred classics, a task entrusted to the author and critic Alain Bergal.

7000 euros for the audio description of the film

It is important to take care of contemporary creativity, but let’s not forget not like in the movies inheritance ”, emphasizes Pascal Humbert, who oversees the project of the Visio Foundation, one of the sponsors of the Fondation de France and Unadev, the main association for the visually impaired. A decisive financial contribution, because the sound description of a film costs between 7,000 and 8,000 euros, a budget that producers tend to cut by entrusting the task to the lowest bidder without concern for quality. However, to properly describe the audio, you must have a lexical narrative chant extremely extensive, but also knowing how someone who visually impaired in relation to images “, emphasizes Ms. Humbert. Finally, ” those audio descriptions are works of art,” sums up Hamu Bouakkaz. ” I wish there were sighted people who listened to the audio-described film and liked it because they saw something they didn’t see in the original version. “.

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