3 keys to self-preservation

Published in : 03.11.2022

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Covid, war in Ukraine, presidential elections, global warming… Is the news gloomy? Feelings of helplessness, anxiety, or even depression can quickly overwhelm us. It’s time to protect yourself with these 3 tips without cutting yourself off from the world.

1. Stop information overload, yes quality

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What if, instead of being exposed to the flow of information that comes to uswe chose it for “smart” use. ? “Smart” because good information should not only be of high quality, but also useful for us. It is important to know the situation of the conflict. Knowing it hour after hour and seeing potentially traumatic photos on it less.

You do not need to constantly read everything, see everything, know everything. Moreover, “information obesity” is very unhealthy… A study published in the journal PNAS in 2013. even showed that watching the news of the Boston Marathon bombings for at least six hours a day created “more acute stress than something that is generated by the fact of participating in an event or being near it.

So how do we do it knowing that information everywhere : on TV, on the radio, on the Internet… and even in our friends’ Stories? Relatively younger, mainly get information on social networksthe content of which is especially emotional …

Answer :

Choose where and when to receive information

▪️ Select timeslots for information, once or twice a day. You don’t need to know everything in real life to get quality information or subscribe to all media notifications. Instead, we decide when information comes to us.

▪️ Get information only on reliable news siteswho prioritize information over pure emotion (contrary to fake news).

▪️ If some of your friends post material that is too harsh for youwhich do not bring you useful information and which undermine you, you have the right to “mute” them for several days (the person will not be aware). no guilt to have : you do not close your eyes to the misfortunes of the world, you choose to consume news responsibly, informing you while saving yourself.

How to silence someone? On Instagram, for example: go to the person’s profile > click follower > mute > posts and/or stories.

  • 2. No feeling of powerlessness, let’s act!

  • Crowdfunding, WeUkraine,...: solutions when the news is alarming
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An antidote to feelings of helplessness? Transition to action. The advantage of the Internet is thatthere are more and more ideas and initiatives of solidarity, individual and collectiveAnd this is for a lot of reasons!

Donations, happenings, social media campaigns… There’s something for everyonefrom a small gesture to volunteering, according to your desire and your possibilities.

3 examples:

▪️ WeUkraine : a young thirty-year-old man launched a joint WeUkraine platform to identify all actions and support people in the war: donations, sending equipment, accepting refugees … Find initiatives near you by clicking here.

▪️ Side of ecologythere are many digital initiatives, including WWF France App We Act For Good take environmentally friendly measures. There are also crowdfunding platforms. miimosa, Lumo Where landopolisto finance sustainable projects.

▪️ Side feminism : association #We all offers, for example, live events for information, sample emails to send to challenge MPs, actions to take on social media, etc.

Whatever topic is close to your heart, feel free to reach out to associations (they often need volunteers, even remotely) and search Google and social media for existing initiatives.

3. Shutdown, breathing

Hyperconnection to screens: disconnected
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When it seems that the world is not in order, it is even more important to maintain your health (physical and mental) and not fall into informational obesity. Instead, we inform ourselves responsibly and we offer moments of exchange, well-beingwithout notice, without information, out of time…

Drinking with friends, a small bath with candles, a walk in the woods with the family, why not spend a weekend in a rejuvenating place ? Find what makes you feel good, switch off the news, social media and breathe. You will return charged!

It’s good, we have many ideas for activities in our special section.

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