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Airbus (AIR) price: what is the current price?

Helicopter orders are for three models: H145, 12 H125 and 13 H125. The company’s customers ordered 11 copies of each.

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If the number of contracts does not reach the record of 2014 and its more than 114 orders, then this is still good news for the company, after the contract for Tiger Mark 3. This news confirms the recovery of the market, after the horrors of the Covid-19 pandemic.

720 aircraft to be delivered in 2022

Aircraft deliveries are a financial performance measure for aircraft manufacturers as customers only pay for shipping. That’s why Airbus’ announcement to deliver 720 aircraft this year, up from 611 in 2021, is good news. Good results can have a positive impact on stocks and lock in their growth.

Airbus Actions, Opinion and Analysis

I’AIR-share rebounded strongly from support at €93, gaining 6.65% in the second week of March. The price is now just 16% of its yearly high and the easing of Covid measures should lift its price on Monday.

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Airbus is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of aviation products, services and solutions. The Group is at the forefront of the aerospace industry with over 130,000 employees. It is the largest aviation and space company in Europe.

The Group prides itself on regularly receiving almost half of its commercial aircraft orders and delivering the most innovative aircraft.

More than 50,000 Airbus employees work directly with Airbus aircraft, while others work in design, sales, training and other areas around the world.

The group has more than 1500 suppliers and maintains partnerships with various companies around the world. About a third of Airbus components are made in the USA. Most of the nodes are produced at the facilities of partner companies; for example, all wings of Airbus aircraft are made in the UK, while tails are made in Spain.

Various aircraft parts are delivered to final assembly plants in France, Germany and China by road, rail, barge, sea and air.

Opinion on what is driving down Airbus (AIR) shares

Airbus shares could be negatively impacted by a number of factors. This may interest you: Investing in the stock market today: here’s our take on two promising stocks, Valneva (VLA) and HRS.

  • Restrictions related to Covid-19 (stopping commercial flights for too long may result in canceled aircraft orders)

  • Cancellation of aircraft orders

  • Loss of market share

  • Downward revision of aircraft delivery targets

  • Decrease in turnover

  • Supply chain issues

Opinion on what makes Airbus (AIR) shares rise

Airbus shares could be positively affected by a number of factors. See article: Saint-Gobain Stocks (SGO) – Stock market opinion and analysis, should Saint-Gobain stocks be bought at the current price?.

  • Announcements of new technologies that equip aircraft

  • Plane delivery targets revised upwards

  • Increase in aircraft orders

  • Increase in market share

  • Coronavirus restrictions lifted

Concluding Our Opinion on Airbus Stock: Is it a Good Investment?

Notice of Airbus’ actions in the medium term

Airbus is gradually recovering from the sector’s fall in 2020. Since then, the group’s shares began to rise. Even if there are downturns at times, the price rises in the medium term.

Airbus Long Term Action Notice

The group will fully recover from the effects of Covid by 2024. Airbus shares are expected to return to their pre-crisis prices at around 133 euros.

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