Commitment as the theme of the 4th Festival “Cinema et al” from the cinema club Riom (Puis-de-Dome)

The topic fit perfectly with the news of recent weeks: “Resistance.” – But this is not a opportunistic topic! ‘, Michel Bourrier, president of the Ryoma film club, warns with a smile. The theme of the 4th edition of the festival “Cinema and others really thought about an organized association a few months ago, but always with the same requirement: “We always had a very eclectic program, so we tried to make the festival in this image, between projections and forms of artistic expression, with writers, music or a photographic exhibition,” the president describes.

In Riom (Puy-de-Dôme), the cultural program for the first six months of 2022 promises to be rich despite the uncertainty.

All forms of commitment

After a thriller, a great outdoor experience, and then justice at the end of last year, this year it’s all about commitment, March 24, 25, and 26, both at the Arcadia Cinema and various facilities on site. And to organize meetings, the film club starts with its guests, selected for their social, political, environmental and cultural commitment. “We give them carte blanche to choose the films they want to represent and defend,” adds Dominique Bonnet, secretary of the association.

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Dominique Manotti

Therefore, four guests were chosen: Dominique Manotti first. History buff, former political activist and trade unionist who continued to write, among others, with Marseille 73, which takes place eleven years after the end of the war in Algeria, in a setting of targeted killings of Algerians. “This is a reference to the middle of a noir novel with a very purposeful script,” says Michel Bourrier. His choice of film fell on Being 20 in Ores, René Vautier (1972). “The first film with such a strong point of view on the war in Algeria,” notes Dominique Bonnet. The broadcast will take place on Friday, March 25 at 20:30, and will be preceded by a short film preview on Marseille 73 where interviews were taken from real characters who inspired the writer.

Festival of justice in honor of the opening of the season of the cinema club “Riom”: find out the whole program

Dominic Cabrera

The second guest, director Dominique Cabrera, will be dedicated to the second evening of Saturday 26 March with a screening of Post office in La Courneuve1994 documentary and Kennedy cornice (2017). “She brings people together in her intimate and real cinema,” explains Dominique Bonnet. His films are always social investigations. The evening will also offer a “movie lesson” with the director where she will discuss her career and influences.

Nicolas Jayet

The third guest of the festival will be Nicolas Jaye. The author, “very immersed in pop culture. In playful, very bright aspects, it conveys very interesting messages,” emphasize the president and his secretary. His carte blanche, Thursday 24 March, will invite you to rediscover Confidential CairoTarika Saleh (2017), a thriller set in the days leading up to the Arab Spring.

Jackie Chabrol

Finally, the last guest, the “regional stage”, organizers smile, with Jacques Chabrol, trade unionist and anti-globalization activist, local elected official committed to social and climate-related issues. Her choice fell on the film Irrincina by Sandra Blondel and Pascal Hennequin (2017). A documentary about the struggle of the Basque organization “Bizi! ” has invested in the non-violent climate movement and is presented by the association Alternitaba 63 on the occasion of the preview held on 11 March.

In addition to these screenings and meetings, other events will allow you to meet with guest authors at local festival partners, between bookstores and media libraries. A round table with their participation will also take place on the topic “Resistance” on Saturday, March 26, from 14:00 in the media library of the Gardens of Culture in Rioma.

Actions are also planned for schoolchildren, both during a meeting with Dominique Manotti and Nicolas Jaye at the Virloge secondary school, and during the screening of short films with students of the Maurice-Geneste school. Something that will sow the seeds of dedicated cinephiles.

Events “Cinema and others”

Thursday, March 24At 18:30 meeting-dedication at the Lezoux Mediatheque with Dominique Manotti. Showing at 20:30 Confidential CairoTariq Saleh.
Friday, March 25Gaperons Rouges concert at 18:30 and show at 20:30Being 20 in OresRené Vautier preceded by a short film Marseille 73in the presence of directors.
Saturday 26 MarchAt 10:00 am, a signing meeting at the List teseratures bookstore in Châtel-Guyon with Nicolas Jayet and Jacques Chabrol. The second signing meeting, also at 10:00 am, will take place with Dominique Manotti at the Les Vinzelles bookstore in Volvik.
At 14:00 round table with Dominique Cabrera, Dominique Manotti, Nicolas Jayet and Jacqui Chabrol at the media library Jardins de la Culture in Riom. This will be followed by an autograph session in partnership with Horizon and Sundial bookstores.
From 14:00 to 18:00 games organized by La Vache Carrée. At 18:00 cinema lesson with Dominique Cabrera. Show at 19:00 Post office in La Courneuve, Dominique Cabrera. At 20:00 lunch with BHV (15 euros, reservation required, before March 23). Showing at 21:30 Kennedy corniceDominique Cabrera.

Exercise. The festival takes place at the Arcadia Cinema, 2 bis faubourg de la Bade, Riom. Prices. Film screening, €7; 6 euros up to 26 years; 5 euros for under 16s and a loyalty card. For the film Une poste à la Courneuve the price is 5 euros for everything. Other meetings are free.
contacts. Information from the festival team: by e-mail; by phone 06-33-88-41-95 or 06-62-99-36-28; and also on the festival’s Facebook page:

François Jolac

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