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Cardano (ADA) price: what is the current price?

Here is the current Cardano price.

Cardano is breaking records for its network adoption and has established itself as a major player in DeFi, in part due to the low cost of its network. While ADA is in a downtrend, it’s in stark relief when Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s father, was accused of lying in writer Laura Sheen’s latest book – Cryptopians.

Cryptopians provides an overview of important players in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and Charles Hoskinson is on the list. According to Ms. Shin, Hoskinson made several false claims regarding his background and education. Sheen said the founder had previously informed her that he dropped out of the PhD program, which she says is a lie.

Hoskinson called Sheen’s book “a wonderful piece of fiction” on Twitter, prompting Sheen to make statements. The crypto journalist responded by asking Hoskinson to explain the discrepancies between his claims about his education and the claims of universities that Hoskinson was never enrolled in their doctoral program and that one of the institutions did not even grant a PhD in mathematics.

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This still obscure incident is likely to be quickly forgotten due to developments in the United States that seem to be favorable for cryptocurrencies. Yellen, US Treasury Secretary, said Tuesday that the strategy outlined in President Biden’s executive order “will promote responsible innovation that can deliver significant value to the nation, consumers and businesses.” » ADA added 6.4% in the quarterly session of European stocks.

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