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FDJ-Nouvelle Aquitaine-Futuroscope has been developing in smaller numbers since the beginning of the season. The tricolor WorldTeam really needs to come together without their current or former French elite champions on the road. After the winter break, Evita Muzyk and Jade Veal will be out of competition for a few more weeks.

Evita Music, first of all, let me remind you that she fell during a tour of Britain in October last year. Injured in the knee and very weak physically, she had to decide to go through the operating box ten weeks ago. Target? Resume competition next May or even the end of April if all goes well. With confidence that he will be able to 100% regain his fitness during the next Tour de France. “I clearly have this goal, and it allows me to keep my spirits high and stay on course. I think by the end of July everything will be fine. I still have time. I do not worry. I don’t put pressure on myself. I feel like I’m progressing day by day and I tell myself that when the time comes to restart competition, it will happen quickly because the body has a memory.”soothes DirectVelo Franck-Comtoise, who completed her probation this weekend in Corsica, south of Ajaccio, where she is slowly trying to find the right pedal stroke.


In July next year, the girl intends to catch up by tying first the Tour of Italy and then the Tour de France. So his participation in the Giro should allow him to regain enough rhythm to arrive in (very) good condition, but with physical and mental freshness, at the Grand Boucle. “We need to continue. I will have time to find my rhythm with enough days of racing and then recover a bit before the Tour. To be honest, I think it’s the perfect preparation.” Therefore, Evita Muzyk is patient with her problems and sees in the distance a horizon, clear and clear of all clouds, one that has missed its favorite race, Strahd Bianche, and which will not compete – among other things – in the Ardennes, in which it could with full reason to expect them to play an important role. “The hardest period was in December because I was still in pain, not knowing what the problem was. Not only did it not improve, but it got worse … I had to cut some training runs. On others, I could not even bend my knee on the way home, and my mother had to push me … “. The bad memory is now behind her, although Evita Muzyk still has daily exercise therapy and isokinetics. “This has been going on for five months, so I’m starting to get used to it!”she smiles.

Unfortunately, Evita Music was not able to fully enjoy her beautiful blue-white-red T-shirt, expensively purchased in June last year. “It’s a pity that I couldn’t wear it to all races, especially Strade Bianche. I won’t have 10,000 opportunities in my career to race in the tricolor jersey. But we must be relative. The most important thing is to be able to return to the competition soon and have a good level. As for the t-shirt, I hope to bring it back in the future.”concludes the one who claims not to have missed “almost no racing in front of the TV” since the beginning of the season, but now wants to become an actress again, and not a spectator of these big events in the world calendar.


Her teammate Jade Veal has an almost identical situation. She, too, was yet to race at the start of the 2022 season after undergoing surgery on her right hip in February for a femoral acetabular conflict. She should resume the competition a little earlier than Evita Music. His return is indeed scheduled for mid-April, during the Brabant Arrow. Meanwhile, Provençale is also trying to find the right pedal travel. “I still feel a little pain, but that’s okay. It takes three months to be 100% physically. In any case, I feel good and start to resume certain exercises and intensity, it’s nice..

After the 2021 season “rotten”The 21-year-old athlete wants to start well. “I try to tell myself that this is the start of something new. Even from the new Jade. Mentally, I am very pleased to know that we have found the problem. When you are the best athlete and get injured, your whole life is turned upside down. But now I feel free. And I have only one desire: to find my teammates as soon as possible!”. Like Evita Music, Jade Weale insists that the glass be half full, not half empty. So, instead of regretting the missed races, she logically prefers to focus on all the great events that await her in the coming months. “I will come in the heart of the season and it will be great. There’s a lot more to come”. Soon the formation of Stephen Delcourt will bring back two of his young talents with a knife between their teeth like never before. And promises.

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