Fires, burglaries, drunk driving… Miscellaneous Auvergne facts in a nutshell

Chalet destroyed by fire in Palladuc

A major fire broke out shortly after 4:00 pm on Wednesday in a chalet of about 140 m², located in a place called “Redevis”, municipality of Palladuk, without casualties. The firemen of Saint-Rémy-sur-Durol, Selle-sur-Durol, Thiers and Puy-Guillaume were mobilized to contain it.

Suspected of assaulting his partner in Cournon d’Auvergne.

It was the witness who alerted police around 7:40 p.m. Tuesday: a man hit a woman in a car near the Anne-Marie-Menu junction in Cournon d’Auvergne.

When they arrived, the police found only a young woman who did not want to be taken care of by the firemen. The alleged attacker fled the scene. While officials were escorting the victim home, she received a call from her companion, a man suspected of hitting her earlier.

He was waiting for her downstairs. And there he was arrested, a few minutes later… At the age of 46, he was still in police custody on Wednesday.

Driven by 2.02 g after accident at Aubier

Police intervened on Avenue Roger-Marthe in Aubier at around 10:45 p.m. on Tuesday. The driver just lost control and crashed into the wall of an apartment building.

Sentenced for sexual assault in Guerza (Puy-de-Dome): “Predatory behavior”.

Checks were made, the driver – 41-year-old Clermontois – was driving with an alcohol level of 2.02 g.

Two hectares of vegetation burned down in Kro

On Wednesday, a fire broke out on both sides of the RD613 highway in the town of Kros. The flames destroyed two to three hectares of low vegetation. The firefighters of Picherande, La Bourboule, Rochefort-Montagne and Cham-sur-Tarentin (Cantal) intervened.

The gendarmes of the brigade community of La Bourboule must establish the circumstances of the disaster, as yet unknown.


Public service passenger suffered a heart attack

This Wednesday, March 23, at around 12:20 pm, the firefighters and brigades of the Smour de Montlucon intervened in connection with a heart attack on Rue Pablo Picasso in Montlucon.

It was not possible to revive the 59-year-old victim, a minibus passenger who had to urgently park near the Deportation Alley. The road in the direction of the Pont Saint-Jacques to the roundabout of the industrial area was cut by the police during the intervention.

Robbed houses in Couzon and Culevre

On Wednesday morning, two main residences were robbed in the Bocage-Bourbonnet area. In Kuzon, first of all, the perpetrator(s) broke into the house and stole the wallet in the absence of its occupants. Additional damage is yet to be determined. The gendarmes of Suvigny are investigating.

Horror after the death of a pair of swans shot from a firearm in Saint-Victor (Allier)

At least one laptop was stolen from a house in Culevre. Again, the burglar or burglars entered the premises by breaking and entering and in the absence of the occupants. The gendarmes of Lyursi-Levi are investigating.

Driving with 2.14 grams of blood alcohol in a cassette

On Tuesday, shortly before 20:00 on Avenue de Vichy in Cusse, the police intervened after a collision between two cars. The accident caused only material damage. However, one of the two participants in the accident, a 72-year-old man, was under the influence of alcohol.

Taken to the Vichy police station, he had a criminal blood alcohol level of 2.14 g/l of blood. His driver’s license was immediately revoked and his car immobilized. A criminal case has been initiated against this Vichysua, which will soon have to be explained in the courts.


Head-on collision in Aurillac

On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, around 4:30 am, a van and a passenger car collided head-on on Avenue Georges-Pompidou, between the Henri-Tricot roundabout and the intersection with Avenue Volunteer. A 55-year-old man was taken to the Henri-Mondor hospital center by the firefighters of Aurillac for examination.

Burnt in the fire of his garden shed

Around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, a 55-year-old Montey resident called firefighters to alert them of a fire in his garden shed. Presumably, he threw a cigarette butt into dry grass, causing a fire. Firefighters from Ida, Trizac and Riom-es-Montagne intervened to put out the flames and, in particular, to deliver the fifty-year-old wounded in arms to the Mauriac hospital center.

More than two hectares of bush burned in smoke

On Wednesday, late in the evening, firefighters intervened to put out a bush fire near a place called “Lagarde” in Saint-Sernin. In total, the complete forest fire elimination group, i.e. about twenty people intervened to extinguish the fire, which was difficult to maneuver, in a steep place, under a power line. The fire was eventually contained around 6:45 pm after 2 to 3 hectares of dry grass at the edge of the forest had been burned.

Upper Loire

Two people were injured in a collision in Brioud

The “carriage” between the two cars happened on Tuesday around 4:15 pm on Avenue d’Auvergne. At a pedestrian crossing, one car hit another from behind; the driver would be blinded by the sun.

A 30-year-old man is arrested for stealing almost 50,000 euros worth of fuel between 2018 and 2019 in Riom (Puis-de-Dome).

Of the three people involved in the accident, two women, aged 56 and 57, respectively, were taken to Brioude Hospital Center for examination.

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