Gran Turismo 7 Quick Credits: Players Bypass Microtransactions Via Script

news council Gran Turismo 7 Quick Credits: Players Bypass Microtransactions Via Script

Fans of the Gran Turismo license have been disappointed several times this weekend, first because of the long-term maintenance, and then because of a change that pushes them towards microtransactions. If you, like many, don’t want to spend more money on Gran Turismo 7, you’ve come to the right place: we’ve found a tool to help you avoid microtransactions.

It’s been a tough weekend for Gran Turismo 7. After upgrading to version 1.07a serious unknown issue forced the developers to carry out maintenance of the game, making it almost completely unavailable for more than 24 hours due to its mandatory internet connection. Only modes Arcade as well as Rally Music were available to play during this period, which prevented fans of the license from progressing in the mode Countryside most of the weekend. Thankfully, the game was able to recover from this significant delay and is now being updated to version 1.08.

But maintenance is far from Gran Turismo 7’s biggest problem: among the changes introduced by patch 1.07 we find a noticeable drop in credits received after the victory. This modification makes the most coveted cars even more inaccessible than before, and pushes players towards microtransactions, which they don’t like given the title’s base price. Angry gamers spent the weekend writing negative reviews for Polyphony Digital’s game. decrease in user rating by Metacritic. At present, this figure does not exceed 1.8making Gran Turismo 7 the lowest rated game of all time.

Unfortunately, the players remain fined, and it’s hard to motivate yourself for a chain of races when you know that the reward will not be up to par. That’s why one player in particular decided to take matters into their own hands by creating a script that allows you to farm credits without lifting a finger… we’ll explain everything to you:

Script created by the community to farm loans

Gran Turismo 7 Quick Credits: Players Bypass Microtransactions Via Script

Nicknamed “Hero of the Day” Septomore on the forum PSN profiles, has found an almost infallible way to accumulate credits without getting tired. Thanks to but scenario and software that allows you to play remotely on a PC, you can go about your business while the game completes your tasks and earns you the maximum number of credits. Be aware, however, that this farming method can vs Gran Turismo 7 Terms of Service and either subject to exilealthough no announcements have been made so far. It’s up to you if you want to take the risk using it. If so, you will need to perform a few maneuvers beforehand to make it work:

Step 1

To start you will have to download something. First, you will need software that allows you to play remotely. For this you can download PS4 Remote Playwhich is also suitable for PlayStation 5. Next, you will need to get script on this page. select script suitable for your version of the gameeither PS4 or PS5.

2nd step

Now that you have installed your program and downloaded the script suitable for your version of the game, you will be able to launch gran turismo 7 on the console and make final preparations. All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

  • Select STO Tomahawk C VGT and change it like this:
Gran Turismo 7 Quick Credits: Players Bypass Microtransactions Via Script
  • Change game control in this case :
    • Control the steering wheel with the direction keys
    • Speed ​​up with CROSS
    • Nitro / overtaking with SHORT
  • Activate Automatic transmission And power steering.
  • Select Pan American Championship and start the race. Press Pause and hover over the option Try again.
  • Run it up PS Remote Play on your computer and click Start off Where Options to log into your console.
  • Double click the script to open it and click Start off in the window that appears when you are ready.

Please note that this script is currently only compatible with Windows and the PS Remote Play window must be visible for it to work.. It doesn’t have to be your active window, it just doesn’t have to be hidden. With this script, you can do approximately 625,000 credits per hour on PlayStation 5and slightly less on PlayStation 4 due to loading screens.

And you, what do you think about the changes brought by update 1.07? Will you continue to play Gran Turismo 7? Tell us everything in the comments!

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