Head of the study “Recovery Plan” of the Faculty of Economics

France Strategy is a forum for consultation at the service of public debate and a strategic management tool at the service of government. Reporting directly to the Prime Minister, he assists in the development of public policy and the preparation of reforms.

France Strategy consists of four sectoral departments: economics; Sustainable and digital development; Job – Employment – Skills; Society and social policy.


The Department of Economics analyzes the real and financial factors of medium and long-term growth. This horizon forces the team to focus primarily on structural policies to support potential growth (innovation policy, employment policy, education policy, competition policy, market regulation, long-term financing of the economy, inter-territorial relations, and taxation) and specify the conditions for the financial and environmental sustainability of the dynamics. at work.

With this in mind, the department combines macro- and microeconomic approaches. It mobilizes academic work, modeling, consultations with experts and economic players to support its analysis and recommendations.

The role and profile of a researcher

The research assistant puts into practice the skills acquired during the course of study. She/he will carry out analytical work and statistical processing to help evaluate the measures of the Recovery Plan. She/he will conduct quantitative analysis, interviews, monitoring missions, note taking and summaries.

The main themes of the provision relate to comparative international macroeconomics, macro and climate impacts of the recovery plan, as well as elements related to the management of the implementation of the main mechanisms of the recovery plan.

Thus, his role is to support the project team and contribute to the preparation of the second assessment report of the recovery plan, scheduled for October 2022.

The candidate will have the following tasks:

  • Identification and processing of international macroeconomic data.
  • Offer empirical and theoretical analysis in connection with the assessment of the recovery plan.
  • Enrich exchanges aimed at building econometric models of device impact.
  • Propose an analysis that presents the results of statistical processing of data.
  • Participation in conducting interviews with experts.

Seeking Skills

Holder of a second/third cycle diploma, PhD in public policy, economic and social sciences, statistics, or public policy evaluation, the incumbent must have strong management and quantitative data processing skills, as well as be proficient in the use of econometric programs.

He/she has excellent writing skills.

He/she has excellent analytical and synthesizing abilities and combines an interest in theoretical and empirical work.

He/she is well versed in public policy evaluation models at the macroeconomic level.

He/she has some understanding of modeling the macroeconomic effects of energy transition policies.

He/she is able to work in an interdisciplinary environment and has a sense of teamwork and networking.

Concerned about the quality of his written and oral expression, strict, he can intervene at all stages of the project.

Research positions are open to citizens of the European Union and to any foreigner with a work permit.


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As part of its Diversity and Equality Policy,
France Strategie studies all applications with equal skill without discrimination.

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