His son-in-law goes on a trip to Europe: Bassirou Ndiaye has been in a romantic relationship with his wife for 5 years.

Prosecuted on charges of illegal collection of obscene images and quackery, trafficker Bassiro Ndiaye was subpoenaed yesterday in a case of detention at the scene of a crime in Dakar. He is sued by his brother-in-law’s wife, Ndeye Anta Conte, who accuses him of bewitching her before engaging in extramarital affairs with her.

If some people can qualify the act of Bassiro Ndiaye, it remains unchanged that he demonstrated the most monstrous act. Instead of taking care of his three wives, he found nothing better than having extramarital affairs with his son-in-law’s wife. The latter, having finally learned about this idyll, renounces his wife. Indeed, Bassiro Ndiaye lived in his wife’s family home in Pikine. Thus, he shared the same concession with Anta Conte, the wife of his wife’s brother. She affectionately called him “Papa Bass”.

But their relationship changed the day Bassiro started courting her. The girl pulled up her suspenders. Except that Bassirou would have a chance the day Anta’s husband decided to join France. As if expecting this only, Bassiro invited his brother-in-law’s wife to go with him to the marabout so that he could formulate prayers for her. Naive, she followed him, not knowing that she would regret it in the future. Because as soon as she took advantage of the mystical baths prescribed to her by the marabout, Anta hung herself on the tails of Bassir, who manipulated her as she pleased. During the 5 years that her husband was in Europe, Anta, who says she was under a spell, followed him wherever he went and let him act as if all will had left her.

One fine day, Anta’s husband informed her of his decision to return home. Thus, the latter opened herself to her lover. Which gave him the order to leave the marital home and go to his aunt in Tuba, because, according to him, he would not bear to see her in the arms of her husband. That the girl accepted without flinching. “Then he joined me in Tuba. He bought me a new chip. On the day my husband was supposed to come to Tuba, he told me not to take him. I did everything he asked of me. He filmed our antics when we were in Tuba with my aunt. Then he rented a room for me in Yombeul and forced me not to tell anyone,” says the civilian side.

During the investigation, this mother of three stated that her eldest daughter, Tiarra, had seen a film on her phone of her sexual encounters with Bassiro. Thus, knowing that the latter deceived her, Ndeye Anta Conte turns to justice.

Trader Bassiro Ndiaye, accused of illegal collection of obscene images and quackery, appeared before the court yesterday in a detention case in Dakar. In the courtroom, he dismissed all the crimes of which he was accused. According to him, he never drove Anta to a marabout. He again denies having committed the offense of collecting obscene images, arguing that it was the applicant who filmed their sexual intercourse. “I had noble intentions towards her. I wanted to marry her because I felt compassion for her. It was her aunt Fatu Dian, who promised to lend her hand to me. Therefore, I began to visit him in Tuba, ”the defendant justifies himself.

For me, Abdi Nar Ndiaye, a civil plaintiff’s attorney, the materiality of the offenses of collecting and possessing obscene images is beyond doubt. For quackery, the black robe claims that there are undeniable truths in Africa, but unprovable. To this end, he asked the judge to declare that Bassiro Ndiaye had been brought to the attention and ascertained of the facts of which he was accused, and to order him to pay him the sum of 2,500,000 francs for any damages caused to his client. Convinced of the consistency of the facts, the representative of the prosecutor’s office demanded the application of the law.

Speaking, in turn, the lawyer who defended the defendant noted that the offenses suffered by his client are of a significant nature. “No evidence was presented to justify my client’s guilt,” he pleads. The case is under consideration, the decision of the court will be made on March 29.

Aja K. Thiam (Actusen.sn)

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