LA MINUTE SPORT Sports news for this Wednesday, March 23

Anthony Brianson followed closely the confrontation that took place this morning in Bastide (photo by Norman Jardin).

Like every day from Monday to Friday, get the essentials of Gard sports news in a few snippets of information.

Nimes Olympic

The pros beat the reserves 4-0 (photo by Norman Jardine)

Victory over the reserve. Without a scheduled league match or friendly match, the Crocodiles were involved in a confrontation with the reserves who play in the National 3. But the Nimes group was deprived of Benrau, Ferhat, Fomba, Martinez and Omarsson, but also the international Cubans, Berner, Nazih and Ueda. as well as the wounded Brathwaite, Brianson, Paquies, Philibert and Valerio. Finally, there are only 11 elements left to represent the first team. Enough to build a team. In this meeting, which started at 10 am and lasted twice for thirty minutes, the pecking order was maintained by a 4-0 victory for the professionals thanks to a hat-trick by Kone (including a goal from a pass from Sazuta) and a goal from Eliasson. The following players participated in this “victory”: Diaz, Guessum, M’Bow, Saint Luce, Ponceau, Sarr, Delpeche, Sadzuté, Benezet, Kone and Eliasson. “It allows the reserve team to prepare for the Rodez game this weekend and it was perfect to get us back on track.” welcomed Nicolas Ousai, Nima’s coach.

Omarsson and Brathwaite resumed racing on Wednesday (photo by Norman Jardine)

Up-to-date information about the wounded. This week of international truce allows the treatment of small and large ulcers. Per Christian Brathwaite, who suffered a crutch injury at Le Havre and missed his last two L2 matches against Auxerre and Ajaccio, restarted the race with Elias Mar Omarsson, who had adductor problems. Gaetan Paquies, who was shot in the back of his left knee, has been under treatment since the beginning of the week, but nothing serious has been found. These three players will normally resume training with the group on Monday. As for Antoine Valerio, he does not suffer from torn ligaments. Soon Wednesday will be able to resume racing and, within 15 days, collective sessions. Mahamad Doukoura has yet to take his exams for a calf injury. Enzo Philibert, who suffered a toe injury, has to be treated for another three weeks. Finally, Anthony Briancon was sweating profusely this morning. Aurélien Bosch, the physical education coach, made the Nimes captain suffer, who is still recovering and touching the ball. ” This it goes well. I’m not setting a date for myself, but there are still eight days left in Ligue 2 and I hope to be back as soon as possible.” the interested party explained.

Theo St. Luce will pack his bags soon (photo by Norman Jardin)

Sainte Luce — Montpellier. The information published this morning by our colleagues from France Bleu Hérault was confirmed by the player. Théo Sainte-Luce (23 years old) has signed a contract for the next three seasons with Montpellier (Ligue 1). Since the left-back is out of contract, MHSC will not pay NO transfer fees. Trained in Valenciennes, the future Hérault started in Nimes under Bernard Blacard on 9 April 2019 during a Ligue 1 match against Stade Rennes (3-1 win), his only appearance of the season. The following year, he took part in five matches and scored a goal against Saint-Étienne in the League Cup. He was then loaned out to Gazelek d’Ajaccio and Red Star Zvezda before returning to Gard last summer. This season, he has made 25 appearances in the Nimes shirt and received two red cards. From 1uh Next July, he will defend Montpellier’s colors in Ligue 1, where he will face Teji Savagne and Jordan Ferry, two former Crocodiles. Theo St. Luce is the first rookie on the NO team, which should know many others in the off-season with eight players whose contracts expire on June 30.


RCN fights hygiene insecurity. On April 2, Nimois Rugby Club will host Marmande in its last group stage match of the First Federal Division at the Nicolas-Kaufmann Stadium. Special RCN T-shirts will be released for the occasion. The white and purple tunics will then be auctioned off to the delight of collectors. Funds raised as a result of this operation will be transferred to the purchase of kits for people in unfavorable hygiene conditions.

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