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Will Sharp, a decorated veteran, recruits the only unreliable man, his half-brother Danny, to find money to pay his wife’s medical bills.

The latest, charismatic perennial criminal, instead of giving him money, offers him a chance: the biggest bank robbery in Los Angeles history: $32 million.

Will, ready to do anything to save his wife, agrees. But when their case takes a disastrous turn, the two brothers have no choice but to steal an ambulance with mortally wounded old cop and paramedic Cam Thompson on board. During the hellish chase that ensues, Will and Danny will have to dodge over-motivated cops stationed all over the city, try to keep their hostages alive and avoid killing each other in the most spectacular escape in Los Angeles. visible.

Ambulance is a remake of the Danish film of the same name directed by Lauritz Munch-Petersen, released in theaters in 2005.Salt) sometimes at the production consoles, then Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, to whom we owe Big bad wolves. Things ultimately went wrong until Michael Bay revived the project in late 2020.

As for references, Michael Bay and screenwriter Chris Fedak were referring to action classics like tenacious as well as Underground Piratesor masterpieces from the 70s like French connection as well as dog afternoon
: “ The plot allowed us to talk about people in the flesh. Because even if the action sequence is exciting, it is, first and foremost, a story mostly centered on three characters. the screenwriter says.

“Fairy Guy”

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Danny Sharp, Will’s older brother, a brilliant and charismatic man, but also dangerous, short-tempered and with conflicting ambitions. The actor explains: “While reading the script, I asked myself if there were emotional issues and real human relationships. I loved Danny because he seemed like an eccentric guy to me. I like to make my character both attractive and intimidating. With Michael Bay, we wanted to create a real brotherly relationship between the two main characters, filled with tension and love. »
Ambulance is a perfect example of a movie that we have fun before, realizing that it is not very good.


Since childhood, Katie dreamed of opening her own restaurant.

But at the age of forty, things did not go as planned, and she is forced to take a job as a canteen in a home for young migrants.

His dream still seems elusive…or does it?

With Detachment, Louis-Julien Petit wanted to create a social comedy in which the challenge is to realistically address the problem of underage migrants while not avoiding the sword of Damocles they hold over their heads (expulsion if they don’t begin training until they are 18). He elaborates: Cathy Marie’s character was the perfect vector: self-absorbed and self-confident, her forced immersion in this house, light years away from her worries, provokes comedic situations from the very beginning of the film. As the story progresses, the comedy will give way to emotion as Katy truly understands the history of each member of her squad. »

An effective film that goes straight to the point and hits the mark.

Time for secrets

Marseille, July 1905. The young Marcel Pagnol had just completed his elementary studies.

In three months he will enter high school. Because it’s vacation time. A child of the city, this long-awaited return to his dear hills of Aubany and Allauch fills him with happiness. There he rediscovers nature, open spaces and his friend Lily, always ready for new adventures, at an age when the time of carelessness gives way to secrets.

Tropic of Violence

Mayotte, Forgotten Territory of the Republic. When his mother dies, young Moses finds himself in a slum inhabited by miners left to fend for themselves. Bruce, the tyrannical and unpredictable leader of the clan, rules over the slums. The fate of Moses is changing.


Alina never managed to mourn her son, who died at the age of 17 in a fight. When she accidentally meets her assailant, fresh out of prison, she decides to devise a plan for revenge. As determined as she is, Alyn begins to have doubts when she recognizes the young man.

in us

Ten years ago, Emmanuelle, a French teacher at a secondary school in the northern districts of Marseille, starred with her students in a film. From the Princess de Clev study, Abu, Morgan, Laura, Kadiatu and others spoke about their dreams, desires and fears. Today everyone meets again, memories are mixed with their life stories and obstacles to overcome. What is left of their hopes for freedom, equality and brotherhood? “I know perfectly well that there is nothing more difficult than what I undertake. “, this phrase of the novel sounds in them like never before. In us.

Bruno Reidal

September 1, 1905 A 17-year-old seminarian was arrested for the murder of a 12-year-old child.

To understand his gesture, the doctors ask him to talk about his life from childhood to the day of the crime. Based on the true story of Bruno Reydal, a young peasant from Cantal who struggled with his deadly impulses all his life.

Big Bunny Day

A program of four animated puppet films directed by Dace Riduse and Maris Brinkmanis (48 min.).

Peas; Great Hare Day; Waikiki and dust particles.

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