movies not to be missed this week

Maigret, Zaï zaï zaï, Compagnons… Among the films released in theaters this Wednesday, February 23, two theater managers from Centre-Val de Loire are listing the ones you should watch this week.

School holidays in the Center-Val-de-Loire are over, but fortunately there are still a few free hours to go to the movies. Between two weeks of big Hollywood machine releases, French films take pride of place this week on February 23rd. A week of protest with a documentary on the yellow vest movement, people Emmanuel Gras and docudrama about youth revolt and police violence, The seeds we sow Nathan Nikolovich.

To complete the selection, two cinema directors from the Center-Val-de-Loire give us their favorites of the week among the films they release in their establishments.

Best known for his cult comedies such as Bronze, Patrice Leconte is nonetheless a director who touches on everything from story to animation. This time he takes on a thriller, rethinking the myth. Maigret, almost 60 years after the last film starring Georges Simenon, starring Jean Gabin. For Pierre Crete, director of CGR Tours 2 Lions:good to find a real film noir, a genre that French cinema is a bit neglectedHe also assures that the film did well during the screenings organized in his theater.

The manager highlights the performance of Gerard Depardieu, who is already on the list Nursing home last week – in the shoes of the commissioner, the role “upstairs“for an actor”exceptionalin front of the camera. He also notes, somewhat chauvinistically, the presence in the casting of Melanie Bernier, who was born in Tours and raised in Touraine. Depardieu was born and raised in Châteauroux.

  • Zai Zai Zai ZaiFrançois Desagna

Fabcaro is popular in French cinema. After the adaptation of his novel Speech Laurent Tire with Benjamin Laverne two years ago the author sees his comic Zai Zai Zai Zai filmed by François Desagnat. The conductor of the film success of Mikael Yun in the early 2000s takes Jean-Paul Rouve on an incredible journey, also with Julie Depardieu, Ramsay Bedia, Yolanda Moreau and Julie Gayet in the cast.

For Michel Ferry, manager of Les Carmes arthouse cinema in Orléans, the filmenjoy humor and originality“, as well as “very funny and quite a good adaptation“Despite everything, he admits that he”I’m not sure that everyone will like it, because the humor is very peculiar, and you never know if the quirky humor will take root or not“to the public.

  • CompanionsFrançois Favre

Six years after his last feature film, François Favre returns with Companionsbut “good film about know-how and intergenerational transmissionexplains Pierre Crete of CGR Tours 2 Lions. The film is about Nael, a 19-year-old young woman played by Najaa who is forced to participate in a reintegration project before being welcomed into the Compagnons de Nantes.

And it’s thanks tolearning the know-how that it will be able to integrate“, assures Pierre Crete. The film is broadcast by Agnès Jaouy, “a woman in a field who notices a young woman“, and Pio Marmai, who embodies the supervisor.

  • they are aliveJeremiah Elkaim

social film, they are alive features Marina Foyce as a widow welcoming an Iranian teacher who arrived illegally in France, played by Siar Kokhi. The relationship born between the two characters defies society, but also the laws.

For Michel Ferri of Carmes d’Orléans, it’s a movie”important and relevant“. Because if the information “legitimately focus on Ukraine“, or on many other topics at the moment,”we must not forget that migrants are still dying on our doorstep“.

The documentary is also released on February 23 Oak, directed by wildlife director Laurent Charbonnier and produced by Michel Seydoux. An escapade through the Soloni ecosystem where the film has captured its imagery.

Michel Ferry also recommends Under the Kutaisi skybut “very small film of great originality“, a love story in shape”cinematic poem“, he enthuses.

  • Preview and events

Golda Maria Patrick Sobelman and Hugo Sobelman, preview on Thursday, February 24 at 19:15 at Les Carmes, in the presence of Patrick Sobelman.

I do not care Emmanuel Marret and Julie Lecustre with Adele Exarchopoulos, preview on Sunday, February 27 at 16:30 at Les Carmes, in the presence of the director and director.

Batman Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz premieres on CGR Tours 2 Lions on Tuesday, March 1 at 6:30 pm, 7:45 pm and 9:00 pm.

Permanently Eric Gravel with Laura Calami, preview on Thursday, March 3 at 19:30 at Les Carmes, in the presence of Laura Calami. The screening was originally scheduled for February 25, the evening of César, after whom the actress is named, prompting the theater to reschedule the event.

Goliath Frédéric Tellier with Gilles Lelouch, Pierre Nini and Emmanuelle Bercot in preview Sunday March 6th at 4pm on CGR Tours 2 Lions, with Gilles Lelouch and crew in attendance.

Strong Constance Meyer with (again) Gérard Depardieu, preview on Tuesday, March 8 at 19:30 at Les Carmes, in the presence of the director.

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