Mueller’s daughters ask for more funds for investigators

Two years after the tragedy, the investigation is stalling. “I ask anyone who may know something to talk to us,” their daughter asks. “Help!” pleads Margo Muller.

Now the young woman is 26 years old. She was the first to discover the bodies of her parents. ” it’s flashes “, she said. ” Occurs frequently. I will never erase it from my memory. I would like to think about my parents without these images behind me. “.

On the night of December 14-15, 2019, a married couple was brutally murdered. The couple received dozens of stab wounds, in particular, in the heart and throat. Sylvian Müller was raped. Doubts remain before or after his death.

Two years after the events, the investigation reached a dead end. Natasha and Margo, the couple’s two daughters, are hosting a ceremony on Wednesday, December 15th to honor their memory. Asking for additional funds for investigators “for the arrest of what may be called barbaric criminals.” “They are in nature, and this is not normal”, condemns Natasha Muller. Their lawyers point to the shortcomings of the investigation.

“Know who and why”

Our team met two young women in Bordeaux. Both work and see each other ” as much as possible “. Margo and Natasha Muller, 26 and 30, are haunted by the drama that hit their family, whom they describe as “fusion”. “An ideal family that was destroyed by no one knows who ruined everything”Margo says.

“It Changed Me” Natasha admits. “I can no longer be sad, cry. I, as they say, became a stone. I have an emotional block. You can say that my brain does not accept.

The two daughters of the Mueller couple will organize a ceremony on Wednesday, December 15, and invite everyone to lay a wreath on the grave of their parents. “ We have not set a specific schedule so that those who work can come when they want. says Natasha, eager to pay tribute to her parents.

Admittedly it didn’t bring our parents back, but it eats away at us daily, not knowing

Natasha Muller

A ceremony, symbolic, but above all, the Muellers’ daughters want the investigation to move forward. ” We wish it would change and that we knew more so we could mourn Margo continues.
And also to have a good memory of our parents, and not just gossip and all that “. With these words, we understand that these two years have caused additional damage. Rumors, suspicions, accusations and many disappointments have not bypassed the two young girls.

Two years have passed, but there are things that have not been cured ”, Natasha analyzes. “ So we would like more resources to be committed and made available to investigators so they can move forward.

Many paths explored but none saved

The investigation was entrusted to the gendarmes of the research department of Bordeaux. Specialists from the Institute for Criminal Research of the National Gendarmerie (IRCGN) were called in as reinforcements. Contacted, the gendarmerie sent us back to the prosecutor’s office in Bordeaux. And this one answered us that he could not communicate,

Today, the investigation stalled. Over the past two years, many directions have been explored. Moreover, no traces of forced entry were found in the house of the Mueller couple, which suggests that the victims knew their executioner.

On the spot, investigators would only note an unknown male profile and a footprint. Lawyers for Margo and Natasha Muller allege violations during sampling at the crime scene.

“Not all funds were mobilized from the start” (I am Dupin)

Maitre Arnaud Dupin is Natasha and Margot Muller’s lawyer. He was a guest on 19/20 in Aquitaine this Tuesday 14 December.
He denounces shortcomings in the way the investigation was conducted. ” True, there are some elements that allow us to say that perhaps all the funds were not mobilized from the very beginning, that the crime scene was not sufficiently frozen (…)”, says the lawyer.

“We must not forget that this house was visited when there were seals that needed to be put. And then we waited almost two years for phone checks that would let us know what kind of people were present that day. -then”.

According to the lawyer, Margo and Natasha Müller were “not involved at all in this investigation and there were leaks in the press (…)”.
We imagined that it was a crime committed in a close environment. “, He says. “ We didn’t ask ourselves the right questions. We reasoned in hypotheses, and then finally, two years later, we have to shuffle the cards and try to tell ourselves that maybe the clues in these people’s lives might be wrong. So it’s a bit embarrassing because those who have suffered and suffered through all this are children and they just want answers that they don’t have today. “.

To the fact that the investigators have only a footprint and an unknown male profile, Me Dupin replies that there is “There are few elements, but there are still many things to explore. You have to ask yourself questions”he said. “We just have to think differently and not tell ourselves that today we have little evidence. We need to tell ourselves what means we are going to use to find an extremely dangerous killer who killed two people in terrible conditions.

And this person may be here, around the corner, in the village, or simply could have committed other crimes.

Maitre Arnaud Dupin, lawyer for the two Muller sisters.

France 3 Aquitaine

“We don’t want to hear about the lack of funds”, continues the advice of Natasha and Margot Müller. “We will have to fight. But we must also give funds to the gendarmes who need to move forward, or even mobilize extremely specialized teams, because we cannot tell ourselves that two years after the only thing these young daughters can do is lay flowers on the graves of their parents, because they just want to bear that killer’s name.”

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