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Most of the news in New Caledonia with an announced increase in electricity prices, a new murder case in a jury trial, people aged 80 and over eligible for the 4th dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and three associations committed to sexual health gathered In one place.

After the price of fuel rises, the price of electricity will also experience heatstroke. The government announced this Wednesday morning a 4% increase from April. It will be followed by two more increases, one in October and another in April 2023. A decision opposed by part of the executive branch.

L’Avenir en Confidence, which voted against, believes “that it is the Caledonians who will again be fined“, assures Christopher Gyges. He reminds that “other solutions have been proposed and that a subsidy of one billion francs for the electrical system is already planned.“.

For his part, Joseph Manaute of Caledonia together also voted against, considering “that it is unfair to extend this increase only to the middle class in the context of rising prices and tax pressure.“.

And after electricity, it is the prices for building materials that should rise. The Caledonian Construction Federation is warning of possible hyperinflation, with prices ranging from 20% to over 100%, depending on building materials.

A surge in prices, which will be directly related to the war in Ukraine. The FC-BTP calls for the implementation of support measures through a resiliency plan.

Studinord was created in 2018 thanks to the first students from the UNC branch in Kona. The association assists in the professional integration and improvement of the living conditions of young people in the North. This means, for example, finding an alternative to the lack of public transport in the municipality.

Close-up of this morning’s request from parents of students, a few weeks into the school year. Distribution of students, place of Kanak languages, educational project, local employment, harassment… Questions raised by UGPE secretary Jean-France Tutikyan and Anne-Claire Léveque.

Despite the fact that a flu epidemic is raging in local schools, the vice-rector reminds of the measures that must be observed. To reduce transmission of the virus: it is important to continue to wash hands very regularly, if the child has a runny nose or cough, it is advisable to wear a mask, and if the child has a fever, he should stay at home.

People aged 80 and over are now eligible for the 4th dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in the territory. This second booster dose can be given to them three months after the first booster injection.

Women and Domestic Violence, Solidarity AIDS and the Committee for the Promotion of Sexual Health are now in one place. Their premises were opened this Wednesday on rue Clemenceau, a few steps from the Moselle market in Nouméa. Possibility to pool your resources.

A jury this Thursday is considering a stabbing murder that took place in Ouvea in 2019. In the defendant’s box is a man accused of stabbing a man. The events took place in the parking lot of the car service “Banutr”. At the time, the 29-year-old man was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. He faces 30 years in prison.

Yesterday, Wednesday, a 28-year-old man was sentenced to 18 years in prison for killing his uncle in Canal in 2020. On the second day of the trial the jury retained premeditation and went beyond the verdict requested by the general counsel. If the change in distinction was recognized, the defendant suffering from schizophrenia could not benefit from a reduced sentence, as provided for in the Criminal Code.

Although there is no drug-related organized crime in Caledonia, the number of such crimes per inhabitant still exceeds the national level. Faced with the risk of facilitating the production and consumption of cannabis, the fight against illicit trafficking needs to be stepped up this year.

The inhabitants of the Isle of Pines know how to blow. Sea communication with Noumea will provide Betico until the end of the year. The Southern Province, which chartered the Sudiles, nevertheless set a quota: either a one-time rotation scheduled over the weekend, outside of school holidays.

To find out the views of the inhabitants of Mondor on the ferry project: this was the purpose of the meeting organized on Tuesday by the Association of Mondor Citizens. Confirmation of the interest generated by the project was that about 250 people came to discuss, sometimes violently, with the president of the Southern Province.

During this Sunset Trail, 3 runs or walks will be offered: 1, 7 and 12 km. More than 600 participants are expected near Maa Bay in Paita on Saturday. The event, organized by the Paita Sports Club, will celebrate its 5th anniversary this well as birthday.

Defeated Fiji 2-1, then Papua New Guinea 1-0, our Cagus will face the ogre of the competition on Friday at 4am: New Zealand, still undefeated. Even if there is no more betting on the New Caledonians, the staff and players will do their best to finish on a good note.

The world’s number one tennis player retires at 25. The Australian said in the video that she achieved her dream, but was absolutely exhausted. At the top of the rankings since 2019, Barty has won 15 singles titles in his career, including three Grand Slams.

In the region, New Zealand will ease health restrictions. Sports events and concerts can now take place without any restrictions. From April 4, skipping vaccinations will no longer be mandatory, and most of the vaccination obligations for certain categories of employees will be canceled.

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