[Rétrospective] Discover the news featured by Carenews in 2021

Secretary of State for Social Affairs, Solidarity and a Responsible Economy, Olivia Grégoire, set up an emergency fund in mid-January to support SSE structures with fewer than 10 employees affected by the crisis. 30 million euros were allocated to support 5,000 associations. The Ministry formalized the results of this system more than a year after the crisis. The UrgencESS Foundation has helped 4,866 structures and thus saved 16,000 jobs.

How has the health crisis affected employment at SSE? This was the subject of the first note from the ESS National Observatory. Specifically, we learn that between June 2019 and June 2020, the sector lost 52,500 jobs. Losses are mainly concentrated in associations.

In its 26th report on the situation of the poor in France, released February 2, the Abbé Pierre Foundation calls the housing difficulties since the crisis began a “time bomb”. Housing-related insecurity affects 14,620 million people in France, and 4.1 million people are homeless.

Ring Capital has announced the creation of a new Ring Mission fund. With almost 35 million euros raised, it aims to bring together a community of influential investors and entrepreneurs in the Technology for Good sector.

At the end of May, the NGO Ashoka, a global network of social entrepreneurs, introduced four new members: Sarah Zuak of Lallab, a women’s rights association, Moussa Kamara of the Resolute, an organization that promotes entrepreneurship among the working class. neighborhoods, Franck Billot of Réseau Éco-Habitat, who fights energy poverty, and Boris Tavernier of VRAC, who is committed to fighting food poverty.

During the L’Onde de Coop festival in Pantin, nine cooperatives (Enercoop, Mobicoop, La Nef, Label Emmaüs, TeleCoop, Commown, CoopCircuits, Railcoop and Citiz) announced that they had come together around the association LICOORNES. Target? Highlight sustainable solutions and alternatives to the web giants they develop.

Introduced by Secretary of Labor Elizabeth Bourne in July 2020, the 1 Young Person, 1 Solution plan aims to curb youth unemployment. A year later, the ministry drew up a balance sheet. Nine billion euros were invested and two million young people benefited from the plan. Among many measures, 530,000 employment benefits were provided, 525,600 apprenticeship agreements were signed, and 800,000 young people excluded from employment were included in the integration process. The plan also called for the launch of a platform to help youth find employment.

The IPCC has released its sixth report titled Climate Change 2021: The Science Basis. Among the key lessons is that, as things stand, limiting global warming to 1.5°C or even 2°C will not be possible. Constant allusions to the impossibility of complying with the Paris Agreements.

The second National Panorama of Generosity 2021, presented by the Observatory of Charity of the Fondation de France, quantifies all forms of donations by French people and companies (donations, inheritances, patronage, in-kind donations, etc.) in 2019. First observation, 2019. , the generosity in France was 8.5 billion euros, 1 billion euros more than in 2015.

The CSESS (ESS High Council) published its latest Triennial Gender Equality Report in ESS on October 21, 2021. It highlights, among other things, four main levers for the period 2021-2024 to advance this theme in this sector. While women make up 68% of SES employees, professional diversity in the SES sector and in particular in the SES professions is stagnating. care.

COP26 took place in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November. 196 countries attended with the stated goal of keeping global warming below 2°C and, if possible, 1.5°C. While Greta’s generation condemned blah blah blah »what should we take away from this annual conference?

The European Commission has unveiled its action plan for the social and solidarity economy. Target? Allow scaling and deployment of the sector on a European scale. See William Renault, who maintains the Hors-Frontières section of Carenews, for details.


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