TEST Kirby and the Forgotten World: A little freshness never hurts

who doesn’t know Kirby today ? This adorable little pink balloon nintendo is entitled to various variations over generations. The Japanese firm is changing the tone and the universe, offering players a new way to have fun and explore new worlds. So, no 2D, we’re making way for 3D. We analyzed Kirby and the Forgotten World in all directions, so it’s time to share our experience with you. So we were fascinated?

This is a real treat for the eyes.

In order not to change, the visual part is the first thing that catches your eye. Rendering that pleases the eye? Right here, we say goodbye to joyful and wacky surroundings, the title showcases apocalyptic levels that take place in our world. Thus, we discover strange places, such as malls dominated by fauna and flora, an abandoned amusement park, or even frozen cities. The art direction is nice and different from what we usually see.

In addition, we played it in mode a television. Although the game is very colorful and cute to eat, some flaws are visible. First, there are somepseudonym. Then, depending on the location, we noticed a little pop up. Backgrounds are slightly blurred frame frequency very low. in fashion Portableit is a real treat for the eyes. The image has become better, more pleasant, there are no more minor defects, which pleases.

Kirby and the Forgotten World 56 10 02 2022As for the soundtrack, our esgourdes revel in light jazz music, often in keeping with the theme of the level. Notably, the developers had some fun taking a few notes from the past to modernize and mix with catchy tunes; everything goes well. As for the sound effects, find franchise sound effectsnothing disorients us from this side.

Like we said Kirby and the Forgotten World is a 3D game.. The stages are identical, we start from point A to get to point B, finding passages, secrets and small goals along the way. The grip is simple and instinctiveif you’ve ever played a platform game, you’ll get the hang of it very quickly.

Skills acquired can be developed to become even more powerful.

Kirby and the Forgotten World 33 01 12 2022When developing this new universe, the team clearly did not take the initiative and took Super Mario as the basis. Thereby, wander around the world map showing several areas that open as you complete quests. Small bonuses are scattered and hidden throughout, so feel free to look around before entering the level.

Kirby can, if not changed, absorb his opponents and sting their powers. Something quite funny and new acquired abilities can be developed to become even more powerful. Then we must find scrolls, rare stars and accumulate coins to unlock new skills. It’s really fun.

Kirby and the Forgotten World 31 10 02 2022It’s obvious who says new world, says new gameplay. The pink orb can also absorb everyday items, turning them into something wacky. Because ? Car, light bulb, jar dispenser and more. Thanks to these new forms, we can solve riddles, puzzles, or even find hiding places. The controls are interesting and avoid boredom this time around. It’s funny and funny.

Kirby and his friends are walking around Planet Popwhen suddenly a strange whirlwind appears in the sky, sucking in our young hero and his comrades. The pink ball then discovers a whole new universe, different from his own, where nature has reclaimed her rights. Evil creatures roam around and have taken over Waddle Dis. We set off to save them, accompanied by a new (and cute) companion, Elfillin.

Monotony is clearly excluded.

Kirby and the Forgotten World 29 12 01 2022There is no narrative, accompanied by cutscenes (sorry). The story is very simple. and just an excuse to immerse the player in less folkloric settings as we’ve known them so far. Do not panic, answered why and how this world is devastatedbut we leave the pleasure of discovery to you. So you figured we’re leaving to deliver Waddle Dis which are scattered across different levels. This allows us to progress by opening up new areas. To get to the end of the tunnel, also counting “after” (we won’t say any further), we spent a good ten hours.

This lifespan can be increased if you also complete the hidden stages and go to your village. The more free you are Waddle Disthe bigger the small town. There are a whole bunch of crazy mini-games nearby. On the one hand we have a house Kirby where we can exhibit the figurines we collect, on the other hand, small huts for relaxation. A board game using a gyroscope, a colosseum for wrestling, a restaurant for preparing menus… Monotony is clearly not part of the party. Also, if you are bored alone, you can disable Joy-Con play local co-op with a friend. On the top !

With Kirby and the forgotten world nintendo doesn’t revolutionize the genre, but breaks the codes of the franchise a bit, which is nice. We had fears of the universe, we ended up having a good time and, let’s not be afraid to say, it was hard for us to let go.

Kirby and the Forgotten World test printouts (1)

The more we advance, the more the game becomes demanding, forcing us to develop our skills. Frankly, the idea is good! With the addition of new forces, we did not notice how time passed. It’s funny that we returned to this “forgotten world” after the final credits. In other words, it’s the type of production we like to take a breather from and run away without worrying too much. In short, to try it is to accept it.

You can buy Kirby and the Forgotten World on Amazon for $51.99.


  • Fascinating universe
  • Chewing graphics
  • Soundtrack according to the levels
  • Skill evolution, good idea
  • New powers, delusional
  • Village, something to have fun
  • Good lifespan for this type of game


  • Some visual flaws in TV mode
  • Not exactly a story, just a simple explanation of this bizarre world.


Graphics in TV mode



Graphics in handheld mode



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