The main event master knocks out: ANTOM8KZEPOT is back in the “zone” – News

Our champion, already the MVP of our flagship poster last year, played a full match again and won €29,715. Watch the best moments of the final in the replay.

Trust that you enjoy sending gnons to our main event: once it transitions to the Master KO version, you’ll blow the attendance counters! So this week you were the 2,248 fighters who knocked out the guaranteed €200,000, which you easily managed to build a prize pool of €256,272 with no less than 281 paid spots. Among those who have collected some money and several awards, some experienced wrestlers such as Jlas Betiko (48th), BeachNudist (27th place), our streamer Adrian ‘ViensMonAgno’ (17th, all live), former winner KOCACHANEL (13th) or even the final bubble fight, Wina Series champion LetsGoDisney (8th).

TF, whose RONALD1NH0 is a playmaker, and where is the short stack Dr. Bayard, the former 3 Million Event KO champion, will quickly drop to 1.8 blinds. And all this in order to jump in a few seconds with … a pair of aces (7th place, hand # 17). NightKKallalso very crippled, followed his path soon after (6th, hand #25) vs. ANTOM8KZEPOT who just took the lead by making a big coinflip on RONALD1NH0. Also fell below 3BB, NitroxD manages to get up to 7 blinds, but can’t do anything when our chip leader decides to confuse him with a hand that we’ll qualify as speculative (5th place, hand #30). With then two-thirds of the remaining 4-player tokens in circulation, ANTOM8KZEPOT will then gradually deplete his opponents, leaving behind his new lieutenant. N0 Fake get down to business Eigolusni (4th, hand #47), then sent to the locker room by RONALD1NH0 (3rd for €13,194: not bad for a nickname created only a few days ago) on the flop rather in his favor, I must say (hand #56).

Enough to let our favorite go heads-up with nearly three times as many chips as his N0 Fake, which he can quickly deal with thanks to a favorable runout in Hand #62 and a bold bluff in Hand #65. ANTOM8KZEPOT, however, will experience a slight delay in climbing to a double in Hand #76, played strangely by N0 Fake, then drop a dozen blinds two hands and a dozen more in Hand #81 before resuming his advance. After dropping his opponents from 55 blinds to 33 blinds in two hits on the spoon (hands #93 and 94), our MVP of the day will finish him a few hands later with a final coin toss (hand #99). So N0 Fake walks away with €19,866 (including €3,165 in bounties), which is his biggest win on our site since winning the Fever, Pokus and Rush Hour titles twice. ANTOM8KZEPOT, he has achieved a very high flight: the second victory in our flagship tournament in just over a year, this time a good amount of 29,715 euros, after second places in the Purple and Wina Series tournaments. Relive his epic performance on repeat:

Main Event Master KO €125 – March 20/21/22

2,248 participants – Prize fund: 256,272 euros

classify Player Price reward
one ANTOM8KZEPOT 16,702 euros EUR 13,013
2 N0 Fake 16,701 euros 3165 euros
3 RONALD1NH0 11 893 euros 2301 euro
4 Eigolusni 8 459 euros 1640 euros
five NitroxD 6006 euro 1632 euros
6 NightKKall 4,254 euros 806 €
7 Dr. Bayard 3003 euro 867 €

Full Master KO Main Tournament Ranking

Main Event 100k

Don’t we say that in love you need to be able to be desired? So you’ll have to wait a bit before entering our Master KO Main Event again (don’t worry, we won’t keep you waiting too long). Until then, you can send love in the standard version €100,000 guaranteedwhich will start from 7 days 1 from Sunday at 16:00 (and until Tuesday at 18:30), until the second day on Tuesday at 21:00. And to make your pet cost less, you can win a €125 ticket for the rest of the week to our satellites from €10.

Main Event at Winamax

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