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In an effort to get our followers to discover a wide range of content related to their interests, Netflix has introduced a new feature. Tonight, when you connect to the streaming platform, you will be treated to a gilded screen that invites you to watch about films named at the 94th Academy Awards on Sunday, March 27, available now on Netflix. Between feature films and documentaries, the streaming platform doesn’t skimp on improving content. If you skipped this step during your first connection, you will regret it because you will no longer have access to the beautiful golden screen. But you can find the collection very easily by typing “Oscar” in the search bar. After that, you will have access to a special section: “Netflix Oscar Collection 2022” out of which TV Leisure offers you a small selection.

Hand of God, a beautiful film in which the shadow of Diego Maradona hovers

If you only have time for one movie, God’s hand the one you need. This feature film by Paolo Sorrentino (director big beauty or from Young Pope) has the precision of a drama, the relevance of a biopic, and the authentic beauty of the great Italian films. Every plan is great. The story goes beyond that of Diego Maradona joining Napoli. This is a common thread, this passion of the hero Fabietto for football. The fervor that would save his life. The film’s title is a reference to a goal scored by a player against England in June 1986. Paolo Sorrentino was inspired by his own life to direct this film, which depicts the joy of the great Italian with humor and derision. family dinners, talks about the beauty of Naples in the 1980s, translates the emergence of teenage desire for love … Sorrentino also puts shock and drama into it, death; keeping a close eye on those characters who are panicking and those who are resigned. The cinema that Fabietto decided upon when he left for Rome takes center stage in this two-hour film that we hope will never end. It was nominated for an Oscar in the Best International Film category.

The Lost Daughter is the directorial debut of Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Another important thing from the Netflix collection, Lost daughter. Directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal, the film is inspired by the novel by Elena Ferrante and stars Olivia Colman (Queen of Crown), Jessie Buckley, Dakota Johnson… This two-hour feature film is available from December 21st on Netflix. Step? During a secluded vacation by the sea, Leda is fascinated by a young mother and her daughter, whom she observes on the beach, and their intimate relationship. A vision that evokes turbulent and powerful memories of her own motherhood. An impulsive action suddenly plunges her into a part of her forgotten, repressed, terribly dark mind, which leaves her with the soft choice she made as a young mother. at the Oscars Olivia Colman is nominated in the Best Actress category. Jessie Buckley for Best Supporting Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Tick ​​Tick Boom, the Netflix movie that will shock you

Another two hour feature film, Tick ​​tick boom sure to bring tears to your eyes. This is the story of a promising young composer who, at the age of 30, balances love, friendship and the desire to achieve something big before it becomes impossible for him. Released in November 2021 on Netflix, directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the musical drama is a biopic about Jonathan Larson, who died in 1996. It stars Andrew Garfield, Vanessa Hudgens and Bradley Whitford. Tick ​​tick boom was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actor category for Andrew Garfield.

Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial, a Climate Phenomenon Film

From December 24 on Netflix, this feature film by Adam McKay with an amazing cast is delighting the streaming platform. With Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial is inspired by the environmental crisis we are experiencing to stage the general denial that the population has plunged into. The film tells about the imminent fall of a comet with a high potential for destruction and the struggle of scientists seeking to warn everyone. They face misinformation, sarcasm from newspapers and the public, and the ignorance of politicians. Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial It was nominated for Oscars in the categories Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Motion Picture Soundtrack.

The power of the dog, one of the favorites of the Oscar ceremony

Nominated in twelve categories dog power this is Jane Campion’s latest splendor. Streaming from December 1 on the platform, this feature film features Phil, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, George (Jesse Plemons) and Rose (Kirsten Dunst, a couple in real life and on stage, discovered together in Fargo. The film tells the story of two divided brothers who inherit a ranch in Montana, in the northwestern United States, in 1925. The Burbank brothers are further separated when the younger of the two wives is Rose. This western, combining the beauty of plans and the beauty of feelings, has already received numerous awards and is the favorite of several Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Benedict Cumberbatch.


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