War in Ukraine. Who is Lydie Taran, the star presenter who has taken refuge in the Vosges?

TV presenter in Ukraine Lidi Taran found shelter with her daughter in Sharm (Vosges) (© Lidi Taran/ DR)

TV presenter in Ukraine Lidi Taran decided to flee her country because of the war. Accompanied by her 14-year-old daughter, she left her suitcases at Charmes in the Vosges.

Almost a month after the start of the conflict, Lydie Taran returns to News of Lorraine upon his departure.

A few days in a bomb shelter

Jérôme, a friend from the Charmes, came to Kyiv shortly before the start of the conflict. “My friend Jérôme had tickets to Kyiv and came to visit us a week before,” Lydie explains.

Since February 20, the airspace over Ukraine has been closed for flights. “Air raid alerts started sounding from morning to night,” she says.

Lydie, her daughter and Jerome spent several days in a bomb shelter located in the basement of a neighboring house. “At night, the alarm was sounded again, the Russians fired at the Zhuliany airport,” continued a TV journalist from Ukraine.

“No one seriously believed that war would break out”

The journalist and mother say they decided to leave on the second day of the war, February 25, 2022. “No one seriously believed that a war would start,” she says.

Covering the windows with duct tape, Lydie and her daughter hurriedly packed their suitcases. Accompanied by Jerome, they left at about 4 am, heading for western Ukraine. The family, whom they know well, also set off in the second car.

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Flight to Western Ukraine between missiles and missiles

The situation quickly became dangerous. As the team got closer to the city of Kamyanets-Podilskyi, they saw the damage caused by Russian bombing. “Tanks and heavy equipment came out to meet us,” Lydie recalls.

The Russians also fired missiles at the airfield, along the road and at the military depots near Vinnitsa, which we also passed. We were lucky that the rockets fell twenty minutes after our passage.

Lidy TaranTV presenter and journalist in Ukraine.

The detachment was forced to stop at the border with Romania, as the border with Poland was blocked by refugees. “We left my girlfriend with children in this city. She decided to wait for her husband to return from the war, ”the journalist clarifies.

Three days later, Lidi, her daughter and Jérôme traveled to the Moldovan border, then passed through Romania before crossing Hungary into Slovakia. Before the last trip: Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and France.

“My mother stayed in Kyiv, people of her age want to stay at home”

In the Vosges, in Sharm, Lidi and her daughter live “with a phone in their hands.” Thanks to social networks, encrypted messages and international media, mother and daughter stay in touch with their loved ones from morning to night.

“My mom stayed in Kyiv, most people her age want to stay in their house,” Lidi says. As for his older brother, he was enlisted in the local defense squad. He still lives there, ready to do anything to protect his family, his country and his city.

“Stupid country decided to wipe out another”

“A stupid country decided to wipe out another,” the TV presenter protests. Returning to Ukraine, she thinks about it, “and now my daughter will start going to school in France,” she elaborates.

At the end of this uncertain war, Lydi hopes that her daughter and all members of her generation will be able to “grow up as real Europeans” and rebuild Ukraine after the material and human damage inflicted by the Russians.

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