Zelensky in parliament, US campaign platform and Dutch enigma, here are the campaign news for this Wednesday

Ukraine. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will speak this Wednesday, March 23, at 15:00 simultaneously before the National Assembly and the Senate. Richard Ferran also wrote to 577 MPs on Friday to ask them to mobilize with their presence.

Marine Le Pen, a National Rally candidate, announced on Monday morning on France Info, whose morning show she was a guest of, that she would not be attending. And to add: “Because we have been doing something with the right of asylum for years, all our reception structures are oversaturated”, which caused many reactions, in particular in the camp of Emanuel Macron.

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The far-right candidate, returning to her campaign headquarters at the end of the program, quickly changed her mind, justifying herself with “long-term commitments.”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, candidate for La France Insoumise, will also be present at the semi-cycle this afternoon. Fabien Roussel, who wears the colors of the Communist Party, declined the invitation. “Don’t see this as a political choice,” he justified on Twitter, referring to the death of his father-in-law.

tool of the day

Digital. This morning, France Info reports on the use by several presidential candidates of an American platform that allows them to campaign online: Nationbuilder. Eric Zemmour, Anne Hidalgo, Fabien Roussel, Yannick Jadot use his services to organize their online presence.

NationBuilder provides its customers with software to easily create a website. What all these politically oriented candidate sites have in common is to display an “Act” tab, inviting supporters to register for a meeting, event, newsletter, or even donate. The software allows you to collect data and target those who have registered according to their center of interest or place of residence. Emmanuel Macron used NationBuilder in 2017 just like Donald Trump’s teams did in 2016, or even Brexit supporters and opponents.

Last night

Meeting. The radical right was last night at the Palais des Sports in Paris during an evening organized by Current values. Eric Zemmour, Valerie Pecresse, Marlene Schiappa, Marion Maréchal, Eric Ciotti and Jordan Bardella followed each other on stage without debate in front of almost 4,000 people, mostly fans of the Reconquista candidate! according to Le Monde.

Topics discussed were “remigration” (a far-right identity concept referring to the “return” of non-European immigrants to their countries of origin, taken up by Zemmour), “French customs” and French Christian values.

Article of the day

Billiards with three stripes. I wonder what Francois Hollande plays. Last night he was in Limoges to support the Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo. A few hours before the meeting, rumors again spread on social networks about the candidacy of the former president of the republic in the parliamentary elections in Corrèze. Is François Hollande really thinking about running in the Corrèze legislative elections?

In François Hollande, all words make sense, even those that he does not pronounce. On stage in Limoges, the former Socialist President gave a quasi-candidate speech… for the reconstruction of the Left.

Day number

thirty%. This is how the Ifop polling center predicts the number of abstentions in the first round of the April 10 presidential election. The indicator decreased very slightly (-0.5).

Emily Offret

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