4K OLED TV: the LG C1 classic for only 849 euros

News good plan 4K OLED TV: the LG C1 classic for only 849 euros

There are very few 4K TV models that are widely known by name, even to those parts of the population that are not necessarily tech-savvy. And yet, C1 is a real star. If you’re looking for a new TV, you’ll inevitably stumble upon it so much that the 2 will be approved by various independent tests as well as the public. Today, it drops at a completely crazy price for an OLED TV of this caliber.

LG C1: this may be the last time we’ll have to be indebted to such an inexpensive OLED TV

Slowly but surely we are approaching the end of March. It is at this time of the year that various TV manufacturers introduce their new ranges. Because yes, every year there are new lines, as with smartphones. Gradually C2 will replace C1 almost everywhere.

The differences between the two products are not great. It is especially important to remember that C2 is slightly brighter and much lighter than C1. Other than that, the biggest change… is the price. The technology market is going through a difficult period, and while OLED technology has become more affordable over the years, 2022 has come to break that saying.

At launch, the 55-inch C1 (reference size) cost almost 1,600 euros. For C2 it is almost 2000€. While various retailers are emptying their inventory to make room for new products, we believe it’s now or never to buy OLED at the best price.

During this period of destocking, the C1 has almost never been this cheap. In 48 inches it costs 849 €. In 55 inches it is displayed at 1049 €. We may never see the C2 at this price in its lifetime. Don’t waste too much time, merchants’ stocks will run out soon!

Buy LG C1 for 849 euros at Rue du Commerce.

Buy LG 55 C1 for 1049 euros on Rue du Commerce.

LG is the world leader in OLED TVs. Samsung will start to enter the market, but until recently, LG Display factories were the only ones in the world capable of producing large format OLED panels. Whether you bought OLED from Sony, Philips, or elsewhere, you’ve brought a bit of LG into your living room.

This huge mastery of OLED technology is felt in the TVs of the Korean brand. LG offers several models of 4K OLED TVs, and among them there is one that stands out in particular: the C1. In terms of price / quality ratio, this TV is quite widely considered best top line on the market. Of course, we stay at 4 figures, it’s expensive. You have to keep in mind that OLED technology is extremely expensive to produce and that it is the best of the best…

In addition, we still have not defined what OLED technology is. Let’s make a quick conclusion. A feature of OLED technology is the use of self-emitting diodes, so an OLED TV can do without a backlight panel. By removing this white light panel, we get a stunning result: TV contrast becomes almost infinite (because a black pixel is just a pixel turned off). We assure you that when used, it shows a lot.

Also, let’s talk about usage. Gaming level, C1 is just perfect. Whether you’re using an Xbox Series X or a PS5, between HDMI 2.1 ports, a 120Hz panel, and Game Mode, you’ve got one of the best screens out there. While 4K HDR 120 FPS is still rare in most games, even the latest ones, this TV is capable of delivering them if needed.

When it comes to movies and series, again, it’s very difficult to do better. As said before, the OLED technology sublimated by LG delivers a near-infinite level of contrast, perfect blacks, 100% color accuracy… by itself, it really does the job. Out of the box, without tuning, it’s already a nickel. For movie buffs, you even qualify for a “FilmMaker mode” that perfectly captures the intentions of the directors.

If C1 is so famous, it is also thanks to its processor and artificial intelligence. Regardless of the quality of the source you’re broadcasting on your TV, the C1 can sublimate it. AI also allows a miracle: to prevent marking, which is the main disadvantage of OLED panels. If the TV detects a sharp and fixed element in the image, it will itself dim the area and move the pixels a bit to give them a rest. As a result, in 2022, there is virtually no risk of markings appearing on an OLED TV during normal use.

Finally, this is obviouslyconnected device to an operating system recognized for its ergonomics (webOS). Apps such as Twitch, YouTube, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Molotov are perfectly optimized there.

You get the idea, C1 shines in all areas. Whatever you use is part of the top of the top. For the price, this is just insane.

Buy LG C1 for 849 euros at Rue du Commerce.

Buy LG 55 C1 for 1049 euros on Rue du Commerce.

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