Ambulance, Bruno Reydal, Mother… new movie premieres March 23

Ambulance, Bruno Reidal, Mother, RRR… what are the latest movies for the week of March 16, 2022?

Each week, Ecran Large enters the cinema market and selects a handful of must-see releases and movies (for good or bad reasons).

EXPLODES BY MICHAEL BAY, former Vincent Lacoste, Indian blockbuster, French drama, heinous murder and the promising debut of an Egyptian director.

There are films that really live up to their titles.



Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

What is it about : From Will, an ex-Marine who needs to pay for his wife’s medical treatment. When he turns to his adopted brother Danny, he invites him to take part in a heist that ends in failure. The two accomplices escape in an ambulance containing a wounded police officer and a nurse.

Why should you see it : Because it is The return of Michael Bay on the big screen, five years later Transformers: The Last Knight. With its close unity of place (Los Angeles) and time (one day), Ambulance this is a concept film that perfectly captures the director’s visual and audio madness bad boys 2.

Always tied to the sacrificial figure of a soldier abandoned by a failed government, the director thickens all his obsessions a bit associated with the twisted American Dream. Admittedly, this all extends too far, and Bay’s cocaine frenzy sometimes has some negative repercussions over time (especially on Jake Gyllenhaal’s crazy acting).

That being said, how dare you settle for the filth of today’s blockbusters when such an inventive and generous offer comes to blow the viewer’s retina? In his never-ending pursuit, Bay fulfills his fantasies of a truly unstoppable force. His camera constantly strives to throw himself into incredible places, from a bullet hole in a window to the insides of a person on a pool table. The director has also discovered the joy of FPV drones, which give him the ability to create truly dizzying and unprecedented aerial shots. Perhaps this is one of the craziest of his experiments!

widescreen note : 3.5/5

Our review Ambulance


Duration: 1h52

What is it about : The family, led by the iron fist of their patriarch, is completely upset by the birthday of one of the children. The magician turns the father into a chicken, forcing the mother to take on the role of head of the family in a society that does not allow it.

Why should you see it : Awarded the Grand Prix at Cannes Critics’ Week 2021, feathers is the first feature film by the promising Omar El Zohairi.. This young Egyptian filmmaker, very proud of his heritage and local cinema, nevertheless does not hesitate to take a critical look at the misogyny of his society and the horrendous state of poverty in southern Egypt (which cannot but cause controversy). in his country when the film was released).

To do this, the director appeals to a particularly disconcerting sense of the absurd, which Kaurismäki conjures up at will. But above all, in the cinema of Robert Bresson, the feature film attracts with its intelligence, especially in its insistent shots on the hands. As the mother of the family struggles to survive and find help, she quickly learns that any interaction becomes, at one point or another, a deal with all the injustices that it implies.

The fixed footage of this Egypt in ruins helps a lot to lock the characters in this social prison. And even if the whole tends to suffer from its length, very interesting offer.

widescreen note : 3.5/5

Bruno Reidal

Duration: 1h41

What is it about : Cantal, September 1, 1905. In the forest surrounding the small village of Raoulac, a 17-year-old young man decapitates a 13-year-old child before turning himself in to the authorities. In prison, at the request of the doctors studying his case, Bruno Reidal writes his memoirs.

Why should you see it : Because Bruno Reidal, confession of a killer was one of the most inspiring and exciting discoveries of the last Cannes Film Festival. Indeed, Vincent Le Port’s first feature film plunges us into the mind of a young assassin through a disturbing story. its strange mixture of distance and sensitivity. If this alliance sometimes worries the viewer, it nonetheless confirms the film’s purpose not to soften the portrait of the killer or bring him to justice.

Bruno Reidal, confession of a killer therefore casts doubt on the potential enormity of his character, captured through cutting, composition and a sense of filming that transcends elegance and finds a visually striking form of restrained virtuosity. The production is meant to sublimate a twisting story, brilliantly played by a group of performers unknown to the general public, led by Dmitry Dore, stunning in the title role.

widescreen note : 4/5



Released Friday, March 25th. Duration: 3 hours 07 minutes.

What is it about : In the Indian colonial era, a hero named Bhim wants to save a young girl from his tribe from the hands of the British.

Why should you see it : While S. S. Rajamouli’s cinema is still ignored, even scorned by the general Western public (unfortunately the fate of most Indian production), the polished blockbusters that constantly populate our rooms are a state scandal: Ega remains one of the most hallucinating screened popular delusions of the 2010s and diptych Legend of Baahubali (available on Netflix!) Penalizes just about everything Hollywood has released for ages.

Result RRR in a sufficiently large number of cinemas, sometimes in excellent conditions (IMAX risks flying off the retina of the eye) could convince you of this. The meaning of the show and the generosity of the director seem to be here again for a unique cinematic experience. Complete fun, realif he keeps only a quarter of his promises. So give in to temptation, see you there.

widescreen note : Probably between 89578 and 89623/5.


Duration: 1h27

What is it about : Alin lost her 17-year-old son in a fight at the foot of the tower. Justice sentenced his killer Maxim to nine years in prison. Five years later, she meets him at the turn of the supermarket aisle, fresh out of prison and working as a plumber’s apprentice. He doesn’t recognize her. So Aline comes up with this crazy plan to bring Maxime to Les Adrets under the pretense of redoing the plumbing in her childhood home. His idea: poison him with rat poison.

Why should you see it : In Karine Viard’s eclectic filmography, we obviously find polishes Maiwenn, his performances with Cedric Klapisch or Dany Boon, as well as more confidential projects that are not without interest.

Mother Sylvia Odker talks about her new metamorphosis as a woman who lost her son in a fight, forced to see the latter’s killer come back into her life, with all this entails ambiguity, a game of wire between the need to forgive in order to finally breathe, and the need to take revenge at any cost.

She gives the answer to the young Darren Muslet in a touching role as a young man who does not decide to make amends by turning the other cheek, but never proud, always sullen. If we don’t praise the originality of the French drama about family and loss, it’s hard not to listen to such an intimate story that seems to play its purpose thanks to leaving us clues as to whether it could end up in a pardon, like another murder.

widescreen note : French drama/5

Of our wounded brothers

Duration: 1h32

What is it about : Algiers, 1956. Fernand Yveton, 30, an idealist independent worker, is arrested for planting a bomb in an abandoned factory building. He didn’t kill or hurt anyone, but he still faces the death penalty. The life of Helen, who became the wife of a “traitor”, is turned upside down. She refuses to leave Fernand to his fate.

Why doesn’t it look so bad… and at the same time : Because Of our wounded brothers like this authentic historical film that risks a little soporific classicism to leave room for his testimony of a real fact. Director Elje Cistern signs here a thriller-like feature film that tends to espionage, a genre he has to master by filming a few episodes Office of Legends.

As for the script, it’s Catell Quillever (fix life) and Antoine Barrot (red back) who come to lend a helping hand. But the main reason to get into the film is the leading acting duo of the brilliant Vicki Crips and Vincent Lacoste. Duet powerful versatile performers who has something to seduce. With this great team and its historic scope, Of our wounded brothers has potential provided that does not sacrifice its opinion of the hotel as “inspired by a true story.”

widescreen note : Intrigued/5

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