Anonymous attacks Auchan, Decathlon and Leroy Merlin

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[EN VIDÉO] What is a cyber attack?
With the development of the Internet and cloud technologies, cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. Who is behind these attacks and for what purpose? What are the methods of hackers and what are the most massive cyber attacks?

At first war in Ukraineteam of hackers Anonymous decided to wage a “digital war” against the “criminal Kremlin regime” and the companies that support it. Hackers have already broken into thousands of Russian and Belarusian government websites, as well as other important websites such as airports, shopping malls or banks.

On Wednesday, March 23, they decided to attack foreign companies that continue their activities in Russia. So they hacked into the websites of Auchan, Decathlon and Leroy-Merlin, three French companies that still refuse to shut down. Hacktivists have uploaded images confirming these attacks.

State bank hacked

At the same time, Anonymous also claims to have hacked the central bank of the Russian Federation and had access to 35,000 documents. On Twitter, the Anonymous TV account announces that it will upload thousands of files in the next 48 hours, some of which are considered “top secret”.

Last week they hacked the website of a Russian state corporation tonuclear power Rosatom, which allegedly took control nuclear plant in Ukraine. According to Jerusalem PostThe hackers modified the site’s interface and also gained access to a GB of confidential data that they planned to post online.

War in Ukraine: Anonymous attack Russia

After attacks on the CIA or the Islamic State in recent years, the Anonymous hacker collective decided to attack Russia. TV channels and official government websites were hacked.

Published on 28.02.2022 by Fabrice Auclair

The war in Ukraine is also playing out in cyberspace, and we know that Russia is one of the most advanced countries in the world. to matter cybersecurity, but also in hacking. Except that his attempt to invade Ukraine woke up Anonymousthis collective of hackers playing “Robin des wood online, and who in the past has made a name for himself by attacking the CIA, the Church of Scientology, the Syrian regime, or the Islamic State.

The group claimed responsibility for the hack this weekend database The Russian Ministry of Defense and allegedly hacked into several state TV channels to broadcast pro-Ukrainian content, including songs.” so that Russians can easily learn Ukrainian “…Everything happens behind the scenes, away from the war zones, but the attacks are varied and clearly interfere with the Russian strategy.

The Kremlin website is still unavailable

So, in the messages posted on Twitter, Anonymous explains the launch attacks to denial of service shut down several government websites, and Russia today, state media. This Monday morning, the official websites of the Kremlin and the Ministry of Defense were still unavailable!

From the Russian side we were also noticed cyber attacks, and this was rather before the invasion with DDoS attacks on the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and PrivatBank, the largest commercial bank in Ukraine. It’s just a site deletion. But there are also virus attacks that are much more dangerous, such as the unprecedented one using the whole new malware “wiper”. Goal: Erase everything!

Hacktivists hacked several Russian channels to broadcast the Ukrainian anthem and video clips. © YouTube, anonymous

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