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Mathis Le Berre is a gentleman. On Monday evening, when the staff of the Côtes d’Armor-Marie Morin-U came to the table, there was a beer waiting for everyone. It was proposed by a 20-year-old Breton who had just won the first stage of the Tour de Normandy. “We also ordered a bottle of good champagne. It reflects the atmosphere in the team”, appreciates Sebastian Cottier. After three rounds, the future professional Arkéa-Samsic is still in the lead in class 2. His sporting director had the opportunity to take stock DirectVelo So far, the program has four more stages.

DirectVelo: This Wednesday, Mathis Le Berre raced at the end of the race!
Sebastien Cottier: We lost time (see ratings). Mathis had a mechanical problem, Thibaut (D’Hervez) gave him his bike. He also got into a fall with fifteen kilometers to go and had to dismount. The arrival was also painful, there was a break. We had a chaotic last third of the race. Today we sacrificed teammates. I am very pleased with the behavior of the guys.


What was discussed at the briefing on Tuesday morning?
When you take the yellow jersey in the first stage, it’s difficult when it stays for six days. Before the second stage, there were 85 runners in 36 seconds. Yesterday (Tuesday) there was no panic. There was a nine out of ten chance that the stage would end in a sprint, and we didn’t have Theo. (Kotar, package after breaking his collarbone in early March, editor’s note). Today (Wednesday) was harder. It was necessary to pay attention to bonuses and deviations. They followed the plan literally, but in the last part of the stage, no luck.

Yuen Costiu was at the counter. Was it planned?
With today’s finale, we wanted to try something. The instruction was to replace another rider in the general. Thiebaud got a bonus second during the stage, then Yuen took another. It brought them back into the big picture. It was good to play tactically with our opponents, but with the final that we survived, we finally have no other rider placed in the general classification.

This week has been very educational…
We are very pleased with the results since the beginning of the season, even if we could have performed a little better without a few mistakes. The team is very close-knit, very attentive. Antonin Heron from Normandy will compete in his first class 2 this week. He is from Sainte-Mer-Eglise and he will be at home for the Carentan stage. We have four Hopes in the detachment. Ewen and Mathis will turn pros, but they still have a lot to learn. Hopes are well supported by Lomig (Le Clec’h) and Mathieu (Jeannès).

The experience of Mathieu Jeannes should be important in a week like this…
Sometimes we hear that such a racer is a road captain, although in fact this is not the case. He is a real traffic captain. He has good analysis. He knows the race, the teams… He knows how it goes. He brings a lot of peace to the group.


How do you see the rest of this Normandy tour?
It’s hard every day. This Thursday the approach to Bagnoles de l’Orne will be difficult. During the Argentan stage, on Friday, we return to Camembert with difficult climbers, winding roads… On Saturday, on the Argentan stage, there are no climbers, but it can be windy. He can go all day. The easiest step is the last one. There are teams like Groupama-FDJ, DSM or Vendée U that can win stages and compete for the overall standings. They are enemies, but sometimes they can be allies.

Is it possible to manage a platoon in Class 2?
It’s been hard to get out for two days now. There were many open roads and crosswinds that stretched the peloton. There were attempts at edging. Nervous, fighting for bonuses. We must drive, we are leaders, but we must do it wisely. We go when we have to go.

Do you need to give Mathis more advice than usual?
He is already a very professional boy. He pays attention to everything: food, recovery, sleep, training … At the start of the race, his bike is always perfect. This is a millimeter. And then humanly, with him, it’s easy.

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