Daily Update March 24, 2022: Tunisia: Urgent Government Action to Revitalize the Economy


Negotiations with the IMF at the center of the meeting of Qais Syed and Nejla Boudin

The President of the Republic, Qais Said, received yesterday the head of the government, Nejla Boudin, in the palace of Carthage.

According to a statement published on the official page of the Presidium of the Republic, the meeting discussed the general situation in the country and those points that will be discussed on the sidelines of the Ministerial Council.

Tunisia [PHOTOS] : Urgent government action to revive the economy

Prime Minister Najla Bowden presided over a cabinet yesterday at the Government Palace in the Kasbah to consider urgent measures to revive the economy.

Tunisia [PHOTOS+VIDEO] : Qais Said during an inspection tour at the Ben Dah Junction

The President of the Republic, Qais Said, last night made an inspection visit to the Ben Daha Junction on the outskirts of the capital, where he inspected the progress of the work in progress and was briefed on the degree of compliance with the completion dates.

Meeting of Taufik Sharfeddin with the British Ambassador to Tunisia

Interior Minister Tawfik Sharfeddin had a telephone conversation yesterday with British Ambassador to Tunisia Helen Winterton.

The Minister of Religious Affairs participates in sewing the Kiswa of the Kaaba.

On the occasion of his visit to Saudi Arabia to participate in a conference and exhibition dedicated to Hajj and Umrah, the Minister of Religious Affairs, Ibrahim Chaibi, was invited to take part in the tailoring of the cover of the Kaaba.

Criminal reconciliation between the Ben Ali and Trabelsi families: Hatem Mliki explains (Audio)

Answering a Tunisie Numérique question yesterday about integrating the Ben Ali and Trabelsi families into criminal reconciliation law, independent MP Hatem Maliki said it was still ambiguous and that it was more of a political than an economic issue.

Hatem Maliki: Reconciliation law will not bring trillions to the state treasury (Audio)

Independent MP Hatem Maliki calculated that Tunisia today suffers from a big problem – the problem of investment, especially since investment is the only solution to social problems, employment problems, as well as economic problems facing the country.

Tunisia. Judicial investigation directed against Iyad Ellumi

The Minister of Justice ordered the opening of a judicial investigation against the frozen MP Iyad Ellumi. And this is on suspicion of embezzlement of funds in the management of his property (Habous), which was in his charge.

Olfa Hamdi: I have American citizenship… Tunisian passport does not even allow me to get to Lampedusa

Third Republic Party leader and former CEO of Tunisair, Olfa Hamdi, indicated that she has American citizenship and that she also holds an American passport, as she has worked on major projects related to the energy sector.

Speaking on private radio, she nevertheless considered that the Tunisian passport, according to her, did not even allow her to get to Lampedusa.

Democrats Drop Complaint Against Yassin Ayari

Speaking to a private radio microphone, Democratic Movement leader Khicham Ajbouni said his party had decided to withdraw a complaint filed against MP Yasin Ayari, which had sentenced him to 4 months in prison for prejudicing others through social media.


Tunisia: LPG bottle distributors strike postponed

The National Chamber of Trade Unions of Wholesale Distributors of Household Gas Cylinders yesterday decided to postpone the decision to suspend operations and resume work on the supply of the domestic gas market in the usual and regular manner from Thursday, March 24, 2022.

Nadhem Chakri raises voice against those who deny drug shortage [Audio]

In a statement to Tunisie Numérique yesterday, Nadhem Chakri sent a message to all parties who deny the list published by the association of pharmacists reporting lack of 721 drugs.

Nadhem Chakri: over 700 medicines not found or difficult to obtain [Audio]

Speaking before the Tunisie Numérique microphone yesterday, Nadhem Chakri, President of the Association of Tunisian Pharmacists, sounded the alarm about the shortage of medicines, which has been worsening since 2018.

SNJT announces general media strike

On the sidelines of a press conference yesterday, the president of the National Union of Journalists of Tunisia (SNJT), Mehdi Jelassi, announced that a general strike would be organized in the state media on April 2.

Gafsa: two warrants for the detention of two postal agents in prison

The investigating judge at the Gafsa Court of First Instance yesterday issued two bail warrants against two agents working at a post office located in the El Guettar district of Gafsa province for embezzling customer funds.

Tunisia. Three Mosaïque FM journalists were brought before the Anti-Terror Judicial Division.

Lawyer Rahall Jallali announced that the Judicial Anti-Terrorism Unit had decided to extend the detention of Mosaïque FM journalist Khalifa Ghasmi and his appearance on Friday before the investigating judge.

He added that the panel of judges also summoned Mosaique FM’s editor-in-chief Usin Dabbabi and journalist Amal Mannai after spreading the word about the liquidation of the terrorist cell in Kairouan.

Extension of arrest of journalist Khaled Ghesmi

Amira Mohamed, vice-president of the National Union of Journalists of Tunisia (SNJT), said in a message published on her official page that the prosecutor’s office of the Anti-Terrorism Judicial Pole ordered the extension of the detention of journalist Khalifa Ghesmi.

Sahbi Maalawi: Second hand is a dying sector… Ministry of Commerce must intervene as soon as possible (Audio)

Sahbi Maalaoui, President of the National Chamber of Used Clothes Merchants, assured that “second-hand clothing has been hit hard by the global health crisis and the deteriorating European economy.

Abdelkader Jelassi: Supervisory Authority Refuses to Negotiate with Electricity and Gas Federation (Audio)

Abdelkader Jelassi, general secretary of the UGTT General Federation of Electricity and Gas, said the federation had issued a strike notice and received no official response from regulators.

Postal agents: We are not going to give up our demands [Vidéo]

In response to the call of the General Federation of Post Offices, industry professionals organized this morning protest in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Communications Technology.

We will not give up our demands and will escalatethey chanted.

Beja: Municipal agents have been on strike for 3 days [Vidéo]

In a statement given to Tunisie Numérique, the general secretary of the Regional Union in Beja, Abdelhamid Cherif, denounced the virtual absence of negotiations between the unions of municipal employees and the government.

Beja-UGTT: government encourages use of strikes to divert agency fees [Vidéo]

The general secretary of the Regional Union in Beja, Abdelhamid Sherif, calculated that, given the economic crisis in the country, the government encourages the use of strikes to divert agents’ fees.

Habib Tlili: Additional escalation measures will be taken after strike [Vidéo]

Speaking before the microphone of Tunisie Numérique, Deputy Secretary General of the General Postal Federation in charge of the media, Habib Tlili recalled that professionals in the sector are watching the strike on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of this month.

After the strike, further escalation measures will be taken to encourage oversight bodies to stay at the negotiating table.he revealed.

Tunis-Sabrine Wafi [VIDEO] : “Oil waste threatens the health of Tataouine residents”

On the sidelines of a press conference held on Tuesday at the headquarters of the National Union of Tunisian Journalists on the investigation by Meshkal journalist Gaia Ben Mbarek into toxic oil waste on Tataouine, civil society activist Sabrina Wafi told Tunisienumerique that the Tataouine desert was experiencing an oil waste crisis.

Tunisia – Djerba: Huge fire devastated two factories

A huge fire destroyed two factories this afternoon in the industrial area between Houmt Souk and Midoun on Djerba. Plant for the production of foam plastic and another for the production of aluminum joinery.

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