diplomatic marathon begins in Brussels, one month after the start of the Russian invasion

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09:02 : Summing up the news:

• Three summits are organized in Brussels – NATO, G7 and EU. According to the White House, it will be about consolidating the arsenal of sanctions already adopted and strengthening NATO’s position in Eastern Europe in the long term. Follow our live broadcasts.

• Emmanuel Macron does not exclude the return of the mask in case of an increase in infection. “The President that I am will do everything possible for proportional protection,” he declared.

• The new US state of Idaho passed a law allowing civil lawsuits against abortion providers, the latest in a wide-ranging conservative crackdown. right to abortion in the country.

North Korea fired ‘unidentified projectile’, said the South Korean army. Japan’s defense ministry said the projectile fell in Japan’s exclusive maritime economic zone.

08:49 : “We are establishing a single buyer, as we did for vaccines. We are establishing solidarity at the EU level and strengthening our external supplies to Russia.”

The environmental candidate wants France to stop importing Russian gas and offer an alternative. “By next winter, we can increase the number of boiler gas replacements, heat pumps.”

08:38 : “Emmanuel Macron must force Total to leave Russia”continues Yannick Jadot. “Total wants to silence me in the middle of a campaign? I have been fighting these fights for thirty years, we have always received threats from lobbyists.

08:36 : “Total is fully aware of the war crimes committed in Ukraine, he is fully aware that his activities contribute to the financing of groups closely associated with this war, which is called complicity in a war crime.”

Ecological candidate visiting Franceinfo. He confirms his accusations against the Total group.

08:31 : Sky News interview (in English)Dmitry Polyansky, a Russian diplomat in the United States, commented on the threats of nuclear war fomented by the Kremlin. When dealing with nuclear energy, of course, you have to calculate all the possible consequences of your behavior.”

09:02 : However, amateur photographs of the conflict document the attacks and, in particular, the use of cluster bombs. We have identified several such attacks, which you can explore on our interactive maps.

09:02 : A month ago, the first Russian soldiers crossed the Ukrainian frontier posts. Franceinfo is trying to compile an infographic about the most important armed conflict in Europe since the Second World War.

08:18 : A TF1 journalist publishes a photo of a baby in the basement of a Kiev hospital. The newborn was born prematurely the day before the start of the war, guardians are sleeping next to him.

08:12 : In the Mariupol hospital No. 1, patients are treated in the basement by candlelight, the City Council reported. “They try to save fuel as much as possible, so diesel generators are used only for complex operations”. Between 600 and 700 residents took refuge in this hospital.

07:59 : “Our fate depends much more on the development of the war in Ukraine than on any president who comes out of the hat in this election”continues Natalie Artaud.

08:14 : “These economic sanctions will not harm the Russian oligarchs (…), they will primarily harm the millions of small people who were already in poverty.”

France Inter guest Natalie Artaud believes that the sanctions imposed against Russia will primarily affect the population, and not the regime of Vladimir Putin.

07:44 : The buyers clinked glasses and shouted “glory to Ukraine” … it was so nice to hear laughter”, describes the journalist.

08:15 : The vibe was there early in the evening”, — describes the journalist on Twitter. Oleg, the bartender of a basement establishment in the center of Vinnitsa, offered three options: “Jäegermeister, a local lager or variety of berry cider”.

07:42 : A journalist from the American public radio NPR, present in Ukraine, tells a scene from the life of Vinnitsa. Due to martial law, it was impossible to get legal alcohol for a month, but the ban was lifted in the city.

07:54 : “Stop shopping at Auchan. You have several other supermarkets. Stop going to Leroy Merlin.”

A refugee near Kiev, the MP called on Franceinfo to boycott French companies that produce “Money” on the “life of Ukrainian children”.

06:54 : To save refugees, the wounded or transport equipment, in Ukraine, drivers drive trains at night, – says a journalist from Economist. “It’s a wartime precaution to avoid being targeted.”

06:44 : “Speak up, demonstrate from your offices, homes, schools and universities, demonstrate for peace! The world must stop the war.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is calling on citizens around the world to demonstrate a month or a day after the start of the Russian invasion.

06:43 : According to NATO estimates, between 7,000 and 15,000 Russian soldiers were killed in Ukraine. A senior military official for the Alliance says the assessment is based on information from Ukrainian authorities, what Russia has released – intentionally or not – and intelligence gathered from open sources, AP reported. (in English).

06:29 : This decision may even backfire on Russian gas suppliers, European consumers may request shorter contracts or more limited volumes. It may also be difficult for buyers to find rubles as Russian banks have restricted trading in this currency due to sanctions.

06:29 : Hey @floor The long-term consequences are not yet clear. “Our contracts provide for payment of gas in euros, there is no clause allowing the seller to change the currency”explained President Engie Echo.

06:28 : Hello, Orali probably meant the breach of contracts after Russia’s decision to pay in rubles. What are the implications of this decision? Thanks

06:23 : However, the Russians began to lay siege to several cities in the north (Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv) and in the south (Mariupol, Nikolaev, Melitopol). “They entered a phase of blockades and repressions, during which Ukrainian mayors were arrested”notes the expert interviewed in Parisian.

06:22 : Hey @Stephen A month after invading Ukraine, Russia is short of men and supplies. The army compensates for its weakness with bombardments and so far has managed to capture only one large strategic city – Kherson, explains Parisian (paid item).

06:22 : Hello, the advance of the Russian troops seems to be limited and little progress has been made for a few days. Is it so?

06:17 : Washington should announce at summits in Brussels today “a set of sanctions that concern both political figures” as well as “oligarchs”This was stated by national security adviser to US President Joe Biden Jake Sullivan.

06:14 : The EU imports 40% of its gas from Russia. In 2021, Europe purchased 140 billion m3 of Russian gas and 15 billion m3 of Russian liquefied gas through its gas pipelines, i.e. almost half of what you need. If Russian supplies stop, she can turn to Norway or Algeria. But volumes are limited. Explanations.

06:13 : Hey @Auralyn So far, this issue is not on the agenda in France. TotalEnergie is going to stop importing not Russian gas, but Russian oil. According to the company, in the next two or three years, Europe will continue to need Russian gas.

06:13 : What will be the consequences of “breach of contract” when importing Russian gas? Could this lead to the termination of Russian gas supplies? Thanks for any information you can provide.

06:08 : The Russian army has retreated more than 30 kilometers east of Kyiv in the last 24 hours and has begun to take up defensive positions on several fronts in Ukraine, a senior Pentagon official said. “It’s not that they don’t attack, it’s that they don’t try to attack. They are on the defensive.”

06:15 : Let’s start with a review of the news:

• After a month of war in Ukraine, three summits are being organized in Brussels – NATO, G7 and the European Union. According to the White House, it will primarily focus on consolidating the arsenal of sanctions already adopted and strengthening NATO’s position in Eastern Europe. Follow our broadcast.

After the death of the separatist Ivan Colonna, the Collectivity of Corsica announced half-mast flags. BUT “mistake”condemns Emmanuel Macron

Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron called for “emancipation” overseas territories by investing in education, health and development of their “food and energy autonomy” to fight unemployment.

• Madeleine Albright, the first female US Secretary of State after becoming the country’s first ambassador to the UN, has died at the age of 84.

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