Ghostwire Tokyo: Surprise Action Adventure 2022 on PC and PS5?

Game news Ghostwire Tokyo: Surprise Action Adventure 2022 on PC and PS5?

After The Evil Within, Tango Gameworks changed the survival horror genre to supernatural open-world adventure games. Is Ghostwire Tokyo a spring 2022 unmissable game on PC and PS5?


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Ghostwire Tokyo is the story of duo Akito and his spiritual alter ego K.K. as they investigate a strange phenomenon behind the disappearance of nearly the entire population of Tokyo. The Japanese metropolis has fallen victim to the master of the occult Hannya and his legions of outsiders. Faced with these anomalies, a young Japanese man agrees to merge with an incorporeal being who is a former ghost hunter along the way. The two main characters, of course, have different goals. The former simply wants to save his little sister, while the latter seeks revenge on the person responsible for the situation. Tango Gameworks invites us to participate in this esoteric story inspired by Japanese folkloreto put an end to Hanni’s actions and by all means clean up the capital city of Tokyo.


Ghostwire Tokyo, as the name suggests, takes place in the Japanese city of the same name. Shinji Mikami’s teams clearly didn’t do it halfway. reconstructed on a scale of 1:1 several blocks of the nerve center of the Japanese capital for a result that screams the truth. Tokyo becomes an independent character in the hands of Tango Gameworks artists with its own codes, habits and its own history. Simply put, Tokyo is beautiful, big, exotic, and stretches almost as far as the eye can see, because every virtual universe has its limits. The attention paid to the smallest details and iconic places is commendable. We think in particular of the famous Shibuya triangular intersection and the luminous Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo is shrouded in a supernatural veil, which makes visiting places amazing in many ways. He comes out of a Japanese city urban and supernatural atmosphere which currently has no analogues. Despite predominantly urban environment and therefore not very diverse, Ghostwire Tokyo exits the game and offers us an unprecedented journey into the heart of the capital, which has strangely fallen into a deep sleep. From a technical point of view, the game is reliable. No mistake will spoil the experience, while the various graphics modes on offer allow us to prioritize visuals and/or smoothness according to our preferences. Ghostwire Tokyo aims to impose itself not with technology, but with an atmosphere that is both familiar and unique.


Ghostwire Tokyo is a first-person open-world action-adventure game. Those familiar with previous Tango Gameworks developments will probably be surprised by this proposal, which is a departure from The Evil Within, and that’s saying something. Nothing, or almost nothing, has survived, except for the supernatural dimension of course. We are in the presence of a game resolutely directed towards action with his tense encounters with a wealthy bestiary about twenty Faceless, not counting the bosses. One of the strengths of Ghostwire Tokyo is exhilarating handling of the hero’s elemental powers – wind, water and fire – they call here ethereal weaving. These episodes are pure pleasure – mastering the art of exorcism and confronting hordes of increasingly sullen Visitors.

In such circumstances, the first-person view is a real advantage. By shrinking the field of view and giving pride of place to the blind spots, it contributes to the unsettling vibe of the title, which, as a reminder, isn’t terrifying, even as studios dig here and there to improve their playful vision. Tango Gameworks openly draws on Japanese horror films, myths and legends to present inspired fairytale game phases, timeless moments born of a creativity bordering on melancholy. Truly, feeling of repetition occurs after ten hours of play without spoiling a very enjoyable epic. In this way, infiltration phases, boss fights, and even a few roundup “puzzles” bring the adventure to life without leaving the basic principles of action and…exploration.

Discovering the city of Tokyo is at the heart of the Tango Gameworks experience, which emphasizes visiting places, even if that means visiting different neighborhoods multiple times without any bad feeling, quite the opposite. Exploration and verticality in level design are a solid foundation on which the Japanese city rests. Akito and K.K. travel quickly and simply, exploring rooftops and cellars to finally get to know the smallest corners of this urban labyrinth that is Tokyo.

To fight Hannah and her visitors, Akito and his alter ego can rely on their elemental powers and, above all, the growth in power that goes hand in hand with gaining experience. Purifying the city, freeing souls, completing various tasks, etc. This is reflected in the game with new passive or active skills that need to be unlocked. Developers embed here Dimension Light-RPG which should not upset us. Without complicating the adventure game formula, it adds the concept of choice and allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the adventure. There are also items that can be equipped to suit your play style and even some cosmetic items just to enhance the overall experience.


The open world can be synonymous with a fragmented story scattered here and there between two missions completed at four main points on the map. For the most part, Ghostwire Tokyo manages to avoid this trap, though admittedly history sometimes in the background for the benefit of the universe in which he is inscribed. The immaculately shot cut scenes, heavily inspired by the film, are primarily intended to reveal the plot, but they succeed portray the master of the occult Hannya and make the story epic. It should be emphasized the central theme of mourning on which the story is based and approached with precision, as well as the performance of the actors who voice the characters. Tango Gameworks offers dubbed in Japanese and English, as well as French subtitles. This guarantees optimal playing comfort even for French speakers who have some difficulty with Shakespeare’s language.


Ghostwire Tokyo bills itself as an open world adventure game. While games take a good hundred hours to learn from top to bottom, the game developed by Tango Gameworks shows relatively short service life. Despite the many side missions and side activities, the game does not take more than thirty hours to complete at 100%, 15 hours if you just finish the main campaign in a straight line. Also, there is no multiplayer mode, be it co-op or competitive, to delve into. The studios make up for this by adding a plethora of collectibles to be found here and there, and meta goals to achieve, including one in particular… saving the 240,000 stranded souls wandering the streets of Tokyo.

Far from being perfect, Ghostwire Tokyo offers us an intense and evocative journey into the heart of the life-size, supernatural capital of Japan.

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