Kairos attacks Google to restore his YouTube channel

“Anti-productivist media” Kairos is suing Google. Competition? Freedom of speech and the fight against covid.

Kairoswhich positions itself as an “anti-productive newspaper”. sued Google in Ireland in an attempt to restore my YouTube channel. After various warnings due to videos that violate the Covid-19 rules that Google protects, the internet giant removed YouTube channel from media.

For Kairos, protected Florian Ernott (BLS) by deleting this YouTube channel, Google bears violation of freedom of speech and abuses his dominant position. “This removal of the channel does not allow Kairos to properly express his thoughts, knowing that the press is the watchdog of democracy,” the lawyer said, referring, among other arguments, to the statementarticle 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), enshrining the principle of freedom of speech.

During an oral discussion on Thursday morning, Kairos’ attorney also denounced the notionthe unpredictability of Google intervention which, with regard to the management of Covid-19, follows in particular the line pursued by the World Health Organization (WHO). “Using the WHO as a guide, whose positions change with the crisis, does not justify such an intervention,” said Florian Ernotte.

“The preference for one content over another raises questions in a democratic society.”

Florian Ernott

Kairos Lawyer

Regarding the latter, there are no elements justifying the removal of the Kairos YouTube channel. “Today, there is no scientific consensus on covid, but the preference for one content over another raises questions in a democratic society,” Kairos’ lawyer further stated, appreciating that law your client to a fair trial was violated. Indeed, the media believe that this is not the case. unable to prove damage until his YouTube channel is online again. Finally, the media lawyer condemned disproportionate character measures.

For Geoffroy Freubise and Anne-Sophie Rachon (Altius), Google lawyers, it’s quite simple. One regulation Internet giant deals with issues related to the pandemic and “YouTube does not allow posts contrary to the information of state authorities or deceivers“, said Geoffroy Freudbizet from the very beginning.

No violation of freedom of speech

If any content does not meet these conditions, a warning will be sent. In case of repetition, a warning will be sent to the issuer, and in case of three warnings within 90 days, Google reserves the right remove the line targeted by the warnings. This happened on December 13, 2021. According to a Google lawyer, the first video removed was called “covid concentration camp”, while other videos said that “vaccines are dangerous and can make sterile” or that “the virus does not exist.”

“Google’s policy is clear and prohibits incorrect medical information.”

Ann-Sophie Rakshon

Google lawyer

For Google lawyers freedom of speech is not limited, the media may continue to express their opinion on their website, on their Facebook page or in paper form. Finally, the question of whether Article 10 ECHR should apply between the parties is a matter of the merits of the case, which will be heard in a few months. “Google’s policies are clear and prohibit incorrect medical information,” Anne-Sophie Rakshon said.


  • After three warnings Google removed YouTube channel “anti-productive media” Kairos.
  • Kairos considering it obstruction of his freedom of expressionsued Google, YouTube’s parent company.
  • IN right foreword measureKairos wants chain recovery no longer resuming a series of controversial videos, the processing of which will be considered later.
  • For Google, not a question of restoring the circuit who defend ideas in defiance of the government’s management of the covid crisis.

For Google’s lawyers, there is nothing stopping the internet giant from removing content that would be illegal and contrary to the fight against Covid and, contrary to Kairos’ statements, not a matter of smokingconcluded Google’s lawyer, but good application of the contract.

The matter was taken into account.

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