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100 crews pass the second cape of the crossing and capture part of the treasure. Another 200 people will be moored in the port of Stage 3: see you next Tuesday at the last Stage 2 regatta!

If piracy is more alive today than ever, it is no longer at sea, where it is most readily practiced. Admittedly, we’ve given you a few summaries of how the “old-fashioned” pirate is still rampant today in many of the globe’s sea lanes, targeting both merchant ships and pleasure boats in search of booty or hostages to cash in on. But the vast majority of modern pirates would not be able to use a sextant or tell port from starboard. The ocean of these 21st century pirates is called the Internet, and it is by telecommuting that they spread terror while holding a keyboard and mouse.

Piratesmovies like war gamesbox office success in 1983, when computer networks were the (confidential) business of only a few groups of scientists and soldiers, helped give the first hackers the brilliance of sympathetic rebels who practice their craft out of defiance, not out of greed. Pimply teenagers are gifted at hacking into the best-guarded networks, but are ultimately not very dangerous. Nowadays, with the whole planet connected and so many aspects (all?) of our lives being governed by an endless and global stream of virtual data, it’s a different story.

Phishing, ransomware, DDOS attack… So many barbaric terms, but included in our everyday language: from a simple citizen to the most powerful states through companies, hospitals and army corps, cyber security is now a concern for each of us. Including the most topical news: in 2015, hackers working on behalf of Russia managed to sabotage part of the Ukrainian power grid without leaving their computers. Two years later, it was the turn of several banks and government agencies to reel under the attacks of Putin-authorized cybercriminals. Today, when Ukraine is the second country in the world affected by computer attacks, and a month after the entry of Russian troops into its territory, intelligence agencies around the world are convinced that the war will be played out on the virtual field as well. . And the threat is very real.

PiratesWhile waiting for the cyber apocalypse, you can relax… at least on an individual level. Because protecting yourself from piracy has never been easier. With the progressive spread of the 2FA system, cracking your password is no longer enough for a hacker to get into “your home”. We highly recommend that you use this option when it’s available – anyway, it’s being forced by many online services these days. And don’t forget this simple fact: the vast majority of acts of piracy are the result of… human clumsiness. So be careful where you step and use your judgment before opening a strange email attachment… Unlike many YouTubers, we won’t pay for these ads, but please know that NordVPN’s famed security blog filled with useful and understandable information presented.

And the pirates of KING5 then? Last night, 100 hacker groups broke into a layer 2 firewall. Here we give them their due in cyberspace. Apart from 8 characters, and with two or three complex characters…

They didn’t feed the fish

Pressure ? Do not know. First in Stage 1-2, the first days of the day floated calmly to Stage 3 thanks to their bloodthirsty filibuster. DIDIE1977, the author of 17 kills and the winner of his tournament. He also won his MTT and provoked 21 fatal saber strikes (this stadium’s record is 2-1), RaisemeBB took Tapa 1 dirham step forward in second place in today’s standings. Les Daron or not.. showed that they are still full of spirit by taking the podium thanks to Jordan2969the undisputed captain of his tournament. Royal Fish Company (5th) proved that she was in fact part of the shark gang, while River is a whore (7th) may have to reconsider their decision, and that 20 hearts (14th) continue declaring the color.

That roll mops, 19 (“5 small herrings tightly packed in a jar of vinegar in the midst of onions and herbs!”) also find a place in Stage 3 where evil pensionersOn the 21st (oulala, we fear) they will be able to make their voices heard. Asecru23rd (“It’s been 10 years since we tried”), perhaps, has never been so close to happiness, but Evil baboons are reborn XDDD 31st (“Devastated by coconut water, we set off to conquer the oceans by growing our big bananas.”) will provide a quota of poets in stage 3, and that Burger Quiz35 (“Allen Shaba, Chantal Lobby, Dominic Fisherja, Jamel De Bous and Grand Jam meet on a date with death.”) will ensure that of the kings of puns. 45th and qualified, crying team, you can stop moaning…

That Todo Recto we put you all on teko!!! (48th) yesterday pushed many of his opponents overboard, while Vaccination # (60th) will not need a pass for stage 3, as well as Vegas shrimp (50th) and L.A. Click(o)s (62nd), who hope to fly an hour further west. Nightmare session!66 (“In 2009 we quit poker, women and alcohol, it was the hardest 20 minutes of our lives.”) pursues his epicurean dream until Executed grandfathers (“Registered since K5 1st, never won, never ranked”) finally fulfilled part of the contract, as did Ardeche Poker Team07 (74th), on the way to a remake: “Advice: Forget you don’t stand a chance, go for it, you never know, by misunderstanding you may qualify for Vegas (the proof has already happened in 2020)…”.

At the end of the fleet we find fine technicians Toulouse Sign (84th), “Inventors of the 7bet fold”pirates prone to seasickness from sofa pirates (86th place), mathematicians 2+2=5 (91st, already semi-finalists of last year), philosophers Watch dogs94th (“This is not a right leg amputation, this is a backup of the left leg.”) and red lights Deportivo La Cohonne who can throw his bottle into the sea: “Our only goal: to invite Daniel Riolo to a live game on Sunday afternoon before a good Ligue 1 multiplex!” Daniel, if you’re reading our scroll…

KING5: Stage 2-1 Results

Hit but didn’t sink

haddock aloneYou heard a warning shot: if you didn’t make it to Stage 3 on Tuesday, all is not lost. You have one more last regatta to reach the mainland which will take place Tuesday, March 19, 20:30.. And even if the fairway seems clear to you, fight until the last saber strike: a few places won in your tournaments, and you may well be among the 100 crews that did not pass direct qualification, which will be caught by points scored on time. Stage 2. If you need an extra sip of rum to give it your all, take a look at the KING5 fund: qualifying will already give you a set of tournament tickets before the promised land of Nevada comes into view…

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