Murders in Paradise season 11: release date, cast and plot news

The previous season ended with a big cliffhanger when we saw Neville develop real feelings for Florence. While we’re looking forward to the return of season 11, Murders in Paradise has also been confirmed to be getting a twelfth season.

Here’s everything we know about the eleventh season of Murders in Paradise. Read the article to the end.

In January 2021, the BBC announced that Murders in Paradise had been renewed for two more seasons, seasons 11 and 12. Cast and story.

As for the release date for season 11, there is no specific date yet, it has not yet been announced, but the Christmas special “Murder in Paradise” will air in December 2021.

On Twitter, the official Deaths in Paradise account tweeted, “We have exciting news… coming soon with a #DeathInParadise Christmas special to continue our tenth anniversary celebration!”.

So, if all goes well, the eleventh season of Murders in Paradise is due out on BBC One in early January 2022.

The stars who will return and reprise their roles in the eleventh season are Ralph Little (as Detective Neville Parker), Josephine Jobert (as Sergeant Florence Cassel), Don Warrington (as Commissioner Selvin Patterson), Elizabeth Burgin (as Katherine Bordei), Taj. Miles (as Marlon Price).

Meanwhile, the directors have revealed that Shantol Jackson is returning to the series as Naomi Thomas, a young sergeant.

Shantol said, “I am so grateful for this great opportunity to join the cast of this fun and entertaining series. I watched Murders in Paradise with my dad in Jamaica years ago when the show first started, and now that I’m on the show knowing that he’ll be watching me is a truly surreal moment. I can’t wait to add to the magic!”

Fans of the series were curious if Toby Bakare and Ben Miller would return for the next series. But unfortunately, Toby, who played the role of JP for six years, will not be returning as he left the show, and Ben Miller, who played the role of Dr. Richard Poole, will not be returning either, as he is busy with another series.

It’s also not confirmed if Danny John-Jules, who played Dwayne, will return, but it has been revealed that he will return in the Murder in Paradise Christmas special.

Danny said: “It’s always nice to be back in the Caribbean. And after four years of absence, the return to the womb should go smoothly, because I already know all the new main characters. I can’t wait to bring Duane and this special tenth anniversary storyline to life.”

Based on what we’ve seen in the final moments of Season 10, Florence, after opening the door for Neville, what did he say to Florence? I hope that in the eleventh season this will become clearer. Also in season 10, Neville found out that he had real feelings for Florence. Will he go to confession? Will Florence be able to return her feelings? Can they finally become a couple? There are so many things to discover.

Star Ralph Little, while talking to Hello, revealed what could happen in Season Eleven, he said, “I think it could go both ways because Neville has come a long way, he’s a lot stronger than he was when he arrived on Island. He might have a bottle to go through. But then again, she’s a woman of intimidating charm and beauty that he worked closely with, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait and see. And if that’s any consolation, I’ll have to wait and see too!

Meanwhile, the BBC reported: “Could the return of familiar faces to the island cause problems in paradise?” Does this mean the return of some old characters?

Hmm… There’s so much going on here and we can’t wait to find out. Most importantly, will Neville and Florence become a couple? I really hope they do it, that’s what we all want.

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