New eco-company Benoît Systèmes starts 2022 on a high note in Châtillonne.

At the moment, Benoît Systèmes in Billy-le-Chanceau in Châtillonne has enough projects and new products. This company, which has just received the 100% Côte-d’Or label, continues to grow. So much so that he started a major project to build new premises and began to conquer new export markets. His niche? Encourage home care for people with limited mobility, making life easier for them. It will also be presented at the Old People’s Fair on 7 and 8 April in Dijon. Interview with its director Benoit Uzel.

Benoît Uzel, director of Benoît Systèmes in Billy-le-Chanceau © Radio France
Christoph Thurn

What do you produce in your company located in Châtillonne?

At Benoît Systèmes we specialize in medical mobility devices for people with disabilities. That’s why we produce removable motors for wheelchairs, platforms for motorizing standard seats to support home or work, and a range of accessories for people who live in wheelchairs and make their lives easier.

Is this a sector with a future?

This is a sector that, unfortunately, has a future, because we are interested in people who are deprived of part of their mobility. But the aging of the population, the advances in medicine, which means that the life expectancy of people with disabilities is much higher than a few decades ago, means that our public, our patients, eventually become more and more numerous and more and more prepared for life. opportunity to lead a normal, active life.

Mobilikit is suitable for any type of chair to facilitate the mobility of the elderly at home.
Mobilikit is suitable for any type of chair to facilitate the mobility of the elderly at home.
Lionel Dupuy

How many people work at Benoît Systèmes today?

There are 38 of us. The company is growing steadily, so I do not exclude that in a year or two there will be more of us. These are people who come mainly from the villages and small towns around Billy-le-Chanceau where we are.

Are you a leader in your market?

We don’t have very precise figures, but we think we are the leader in France in the removable motors market. We are a fairly modest player internationally as we also export and position ourselves in the global market.

We locate your engines in several countries such as Australia, Canada, UK, Portugal. And since this week you have two new dealers?

We are actually opening in Germany and Romania with two new importers. In total, we are present in about twenty countries, mainly in Europe, around France. But actually we have more exotic destinations like Australia, Singapore, Canada, Argentina.

What are your prospects in terms of production and turnover this year?

We usually see growth in the order of 5-10% per year. Last year we closed at 6.2 million. So we can think of more than 6.5 million of us this year if all the events around us don’t slow us down and block us. We are indeed, like everyone else, subject to shortages of materials, very long production times for a certain number of products, in particular electronic products, which this year may hinder us and slow down our growth.

A company loyal to its territory in the North Côte d’Or

The company has been created since its inception in 1994 in the canton of Châtillon-sur-Seine “in the hollow of a valley dug by the Seine, which originates a few kilometers upstream”. This decor is definitely bucolic, but it also comes with some drawbacks in terms of infrastructure. But this is unlikely to push his leadership to move. Vice versa. Benoît System has decided to invest in his area and is launching a major project for this small village in Châtillonne: refurbishment and expansion of workshops and offices.

Project for a new building just started in Billy-le-Chanceau
Project for a new building just started in Billy-le-Chanceau
Benoit Systems

We really need to develop employment and allow people to stay in these territories – Benoit Uzel

“Everything related to transportation is not really a hindrance, we also have a logistics platform that helps us a few kilometers from the company. “pale gray” if not “white” zone. We are looking forward to fiber because we need these communication options for dialogue with our importers, for distance learning, for organizing meetings. very happy to be there because it allows us to develop the territory. It allows us to enrich this territory with a company, but there are others in the North Côte d’Or that are growing, doing well and exporting. We really need to develop employment and allow people to stay in these areas.“explains the director of the company, Benoit Uzel.

Benoît Systèmes will be present at the exhibition for the elderly on 7 and 8 April in Dijon.

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