Passion Cinema, the seventh art returns to the stage

After two years of absence, Passion Cinéma is preparing to celebrate the seventh art in all its diversity, with Claude Lelouch as a privileged witness. An occasion also for the festival held by the association Ciné 2000 to get closer to topics that are dear to him, such as the mountain.

It will probably take more time to forget about the restrictions and effects of a two-year pandemic on cinema. We also need the efforts of associations involved in the programming of film festivals.

This is the case for Ciné 2000, which offers from this Thursday until March 29 the edition of its Passion Cinéma 2022 festival after two years of absence from the imperial city due to the pandemic. “Cinema, culture, is a collection and exchange. It was important that we get back to it.”says Jeanne-Paul de Rocca-Serra, Director and Head of Programming at the festival.

Short films, feature films, documentaries, animated films: as usual, the association has developed an eclectic program with productions from many countries in Europe and Asia.

With a few highlights. Friday night first, and broadcast of the documentary turn to lifededicated to Claude Lelouch (read his interview on the last page) and directed by Philippe Azoulay. Two directors will be present to discuss with the audience. “When I saw this documentary, I said to myself that some films deserve to be accompanied”smiling Jeanne-Paul de Rocca-Serra.

The festival also highlights some of the topics dear to it, such as the Holocaust, with film screenings. Golda Marianamed after the director’s grandmother, who survived the deportation and By the grace of the devil, which recounts the extraordinary fate of a family from Transylvania who suffered from dwarfism and survived deportation only because of the sadistic interest shown in them by Nazi physician Josef Mengele. The two directors, Patrick Sobelman and Dominique Maestrati, will be present this Thursday at the Palais des Congrès.

Cinema from all walks of life

Another theme championed by the Passion Cinéma festival is the mountains. Three documentaries, two French and one American, tell about those who have climbed the most beautiful mountains of the Alps, the Himalayas, Kyrgyzstan or Alaska. Because To the heavenly mountainsdiving into the heart of Central Asia, in the company of the travel writer Cedric Gras (see elsewhere) in the footsteps of the Abalakov brothers, the first Soviet climbers in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

After all, an eclectic program open to the world. “Cinema of openness, cinema of the world”likes to say the director of the festival. USA, China, South Korea, Spain, the festival has something to please fans of foreign cinema.

However, the festival places a lot of emphasis on the creation of the islands. A film by Angelina Risterucci and Sophie Bassaler dedicated to the cathedrals of Corsica will be screened on Friday, as will a short film Kurt’s story Gerard Guerriere. As for the highly acclaimed I am a cometthe first feature film by Pascal Tagnati, it will be screened next Tuesday at the Ellipse in the presence of the director. “Corsican cinema has evolved a lot in recent years. We must open the door for him.”Judge Jeanne-Paul de Rocca-Serra.

It remains to be hoped that the dynamics of the epidemic will not burden the efforts of the world of culture and cinema will resist the new wave.

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• Evening around the Holocaust, Thursday, March 24, from 18:30 at the Palais des Congrès.

Golda Maria: Documentary. Patrick and Hugo Sobelman

By the Grace of the Devil: A Documentary. Dominic Maestrati

Guests: Patrick Sobelman and Dominique Maestrati.

• Evening of Claude Lelouch, Friday, March 25, from 20:30 at the Palais des Congrès.

Play live (preview): documentary. Philip Azoulay. With Claude Lelouch, Jean Dujardin, Sandrine Bonner, Elsa Silberstein, Jean-Louis Trintignant.

Guests: Guests: Claude Lelouch and Philippe Azoulay

• Ciné Goûter, Saturday 26 March from 2 pm at the Palais des Congrès.

My neighbors’ neighbors are my neighbors animation. Ann Laure Duffis/Leo Marchand.

Tiger asking for tea (preview): animation. Kariem Saleh/An Vrombo/Benoit Shier/Robin Shaw.

• Mountain evening, Saturday, March 26, from 18:30 at the Palais des Congrès.

O’parizad! Song of the Angels: Documentary. Guillaume Pierrell

To the Heavenly Mountains: Documentary. Aurelie Miquel.

Beyond the Heights: Documentary. Renan Ozturk/Freddy Wilkinson

Guests: Jean-Michel Aslin (journalist, writer and climber), Cedric Gras (writer and traveler).

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