Pecresse in solitary confinement, Jadot continues to blame Total … Campaign news this Thursday

COVID-19. The presidential candidate of the Republic of Lithuania, Valerie Pekress, announced this Thursday afternoon, 24 March, on her Twitter account that she had contracted Covid-19 and that she would continue her remote campaign. “All of our meetings are supported by team mobilization,” she said.

His trip to Bordeaux this Friday is cancelled, but a meeting due to take place there remains “inspired by someone else,” a circle of elected Republicans said. His arrival the next day in Bouches-du-Rhone will not take place. As well as it is in the duplex that she will be interrogated by Lea Salame and Laurent Guimier this Thursday evening in France 2. Elysee Palace 2022.

Today’s analysis

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Cities. How the left missed the meeting with the cities. This is the title of an article published this Thursday, March 24, on the website Mountain, with the findings of the sociologist Olivier Mascle. The latter explains that the votes of the townspeople, like other working-class marginals who have turned their backs on the left, are sorely lacking when it comes to presidential elections..

According to a man who is also a professor at the University of Limoges, “the left closed the doors to urban activists because they didn’t fit into the original city narrative of elected officials convinced that wrongdoing, in particular, was at the heart of county disinheritance. The increased audience of the extreme right reinforced the bad image of the cities.

Arm wrestling of the day

Charge. TotalEnergies announced that it has initiated a “defamation suit” against Yannick Jadot. “Environmentalists will not back down,” the presidential candidate warned them this Thursday, March 24, FranceInfo website. Where he clearly stated: “I confirm, I insist, I accuse TotalEnergies of involvement in war crimes in Ukraine.” Because the French transnational corporation “works with Russian partners who are closely connected with the highest pinnacle of Putin’s state.”

The CEO of Total considers these attacks “a very serious insult”. At RTL, Patrick Pouyanne calculated on RTL that the more Yannick Jadot “talks bad” about his company, the more “it lowers his ranking in the polls”.

“Total wants to silence me?” answered the Green candidate. I have been doing environmental work for 30 years. I have been fighting these fights for 30 years. We have always had threats from the lobby. EDF was spying on me and now I have a legal attack from Total.”

TV interview of the day

PRIME TIME. This Thursday, March 24, from 20:50, Marine Le Pen to meet Lawrence Ferrari and Sonia Mabrouk in CNews political program, Elysee Palace 2022: ask the program. “The candidate from the National Association will have the opportunity to explain to the citizens their key projects for the country in case of joining the Elysee Palace,” the TV channel reports. It states that “viewers will also play their part this evening and will be invited to ask their questions on Twitter.”

TV interference that interferes the next day after the presentation of the program budget to the press Marine Le Pen. During which the latter wanted to demonstrate his authority, with more reinforcement tables and economic prospects.

Theme of the day

Animals. For the first time in a presidential election, candidates are taking animal welfare seriously. This observation made by the newspaper Peace in this Thursday, March 24th issue. Byein the 2019 European elections, the Animalist Party surprised with 2.2% of the vote. His nominee on the matter, Helen Tui, is not giving any guidance on voting in 2022.

But the condition of animals is mentioned in almost all projects. “As soon as possible, Emmanuel Macron, who devotes only one line to him in 24 pages, the most talkative Yannick Jadot and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who devote entire chapters to him of his project,” the daily newspaper article says. On the other side of the political spectrum, Valerie Pecresse and Eric Zemmour do not question the conditions of animal husbandry and defend hunting, which one and the other considers “ancestral tradition”. and the French way of life.

Concerning Marine Le Pen, thirteen pages of her program are devoted to animals in a special thematic booklet. But she doesn’t hunt or breed (except for the issue of slaughter without stunning, which she wants to ban).

Counterpoint of the day

irreconcilable. In the editorial he signs Le Figaro This Thursday, March 24, Guillaume Tabard analyzes the differences between Eric Zemmour and Valerie Pecresse. According to him, the latter both dream of “restoring the voters of the other, but are convinced that the restoration of the right goes through the rejection of what the other embodies. And both, being at the level of disturbing weakness, Macronists and lepenists are watching this dialogue of the deaf from the right with interested attention.

Candidate Les Républicains and her opponent “Reconquest!” pursue the same goal as “turning the page of Macron”. But, the editor analyzes, “this immediate common goal is clearly not enough to satisfy ideological, cultural and personal gap that continues to widen between the two right become irreconcilable.”

Pierre Francois Sheteil

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