Selection of 100 Challenges startups for investment in 2022

Gear change. In 2020, French Tech has demonstrated its resilience: according to the EY venture capital barometer, funding grew by 7%, despite an 8% recession in the country’s economy. In 2021, as growth returned to 7%, the Startup Nation moved into hypergrowth, with raised funds raised by 115% to €11.6bn out of 784 operations (up from 620 in 2020).

This billion-dollar flow is primarily due to the flows of cash poured in by central banks to deal with the Covid crisis, which has increased the opportunity and appetite of investors. But it also marks a threshold effect: France has become place to be for venture capitalists International. “The country has clearly succeeded in reshaping its image in the eyes of foreign investors, as evidenced by the latest EY attractiveness barometers, with France ranked first in Europe,” said Frank Sebag, who is associated with EY reputation, business-oriented government policies and influence. Paris, France is now seen as a stronghold of global innovation capable of producing Success stories with estimates that remain relatively reasonable.”

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