Stock Xbox Series X: that’s it, it’s here

Mark the day with white chalk: Microsoft’s much-requested gaming console, the Xbox Series X, is now available! If you want to buy it, don’t waste a minute, we would be surprised if the stock lasts for a long time.

Xbox Series X: it’s finally back in stock, so don’t waste a second

If this news is out, it’s because we just saw the arrival of a game console from Microsoft. The highly sought after Xbox Series X is almost constantly out of stock, but that’s it, it’s here. Typically, stocks of Xbox Series X never last more than a few minutes. Quickly click on the first link below!

Update 03/24/2022 at 08:44: Xbox Series X available at Carrefour!

Buy an Xbox Series X for €499 at Carrefour.

Don’t panic if you missed it this time, this news will be updated if the new Xbox Series X is available for purchase soon!

Yes, in France the Xbox Series X is a slightly less popular console than the Sony PS5. Does this mean that Microsoft should be ashamed of its numbers in France? Far from there. The X series is a big hit and everything is green on the Xbox side (no pun intended).

This success also comes at a high price: Series X has been out of stock since its release, almost a year and a half ago. The situation for the tech world as a whole has been difficult for a long time, and according to analysts, it is far from ready for a settlement.

We are currently in the midst of a shortage of electronic components. But that’s not all. We also have to talk about the health crisis that has exacerbated all the problems, about the tense global geopolitical situation, rising energy prices, raw materials, transport costs… in short, it’s tense.

This is no reason to despair. As you can see today, the Xbox Series X is arriving regularly in small batches, and we’ll be keeping you updated shortly. Part of our job is to keep a close eye on promotions, we have access to the most up-to-date information, so count on us!

The first solution to this problem is very simple: direct you to the Xbox Series S. A less demanding, lighter version of the Xbox Series X is still available. The Xbox Series S costs a lot less than the Series X, has a much more compact format, and can play absolutely every next-gen game that’s coming to the Series X. Analog? It can’t stream 4K and doesn’t have a disc drive.

If you don’t want to compromise and are only interested in the Series X, we understand. There is no mystery, only patience and determination will eventually pay off. More specifically, you will have to be quite strict in your research methods. We tell you everything we know.

First of all, we highly recommend that you create an account with almost all major e-commerce sites. When the Xbox Series X is in stock, you don’t have time to enter payment or shipping information. Once this is done, keep a close eye on our website. We always inform you about the joint venture live!

PS5s arrive almost every day. For the Xbox Series X, it’s a different matter. If you see him once a week, he is already huge. In addition to SP alerts, we advise you to keep multiple tabs open. No magic site where the Xbox is most likely to appear is among the most traditional online retailers.

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Xbox Series X – An exceptional gaming console

We’re not interested in fomenting a rivalry between Sony fans and Microsoft fans. Both machines have strengths. However, we would like to point out that there is much more between the machines of the two manufacturers than the difference in design and exclusive games.

At JV Tech, we like to stick our nose into hardware products. Significant differences are hidden behind the plastic cases. The Series X features the famous Velocity architecture that connects the console’s SSD, processor, and RAM. In this way, Microsoft can show the world its pride in owning the highest processing speed machine in the history of home consoles.

Let’s be a little technical, sorry for the jargon. The latest Xbox has 12 teraflops of clock speed, an 8-core 3.8GHz processor, 16GB of GDDR6 RAM… it looks like a powerful gaming PC. When it comes to tough hardware, the Series X is a fighter.

Console storage is provided by a particularly fast SSD. This is of double interest. First, and most logically, your data is stored very quickly. Then, and most importantly, your game’s load time is reduced to near zero. For immersion, that changes everything.

While very few games are capable of this today, the Series X is a console capable of running games at 4K 120 FPS. In theory, the console is even capable of displaying 8K in compatible movies and games. We have some headroom before the developers catch up with the technological progress of the next generation of consoles.

After hardware, software: Xbox GamePass is by far the best asset of the Xbox Series X.

As you understand, Microsoft has made a big bet on the impact force characteristic of the device itself. A controller that can be used on a PC, a console that looks like the centerpiece of a PC gamer, etc. However, in our opinion, the great strength of the Xbox and its connection to the world of PC gaming lies elsewhere.

With GamePass, Microsoft goes much further than just offering a more powerful machine. The American company has revolutionized the video game and software market. After acquiring many game development studios, GamePass has become an essential service.

GamePass, the true Netflix of video games, allows you to download many games, including the latest titles from Micosoft, on a monthly subscription at a very reasonable price compared to the service offered.

The Xbox Series X is certainly a powerful machine, but it’s also designed for GamePass: its interface is specifically designed to integrate the service into the core of the user experience.

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