The Dieppe Canadian Film Festival is making a name for itself in the world of cinema.

Dieppe hosts the 9th Dieppe Canadian Film Festival from 24 to 27 March. Thanks to the arrival of prestigious guests and the original program, the festival has grown over the years.

It is one of the few festivals that has kept its 2020 and 2021 editions alive in the midst of a health crisis despite the virtual absence of Canadians. Both editions took place in the summer, and not in March, as in previous years: “It was important for us to make a beautiful festival and the audience was there”explains Ben Collier, president of Ciné Deep, the festival’s organizing association.

Perseverance and volunteer work pays off. The 9th edition will officially open tonight at the Grand Forum cinema in Dieppe in front of a full sand hall.

It must be said that over the past few years the festival has made it a point of honor to bring many directors, producers, actors and actresses from Canada.

Fifteen feature films will be shown over 3 and a half days. At almost half of these screenings, someone from the crew will be present to discuss with the audience: “After 2 years of absence, we are very happy to welcome professionals again. This is the identity of the festival, it is human friendly and, above all, the audience can communicate with the guests.”Ben Collier says

The choice of jury members also seduces the public. After, among others, director Oscar Sisto and singer Daniel Lavoie in 2020, actor Bruno Salomone in 2021, this edition has chosen an eclectic jury chaired by Suzanne Clément, the favorite Quebec actress of director Xavier Dolan.

Next to him is “Inconnnu” Pascal Legitimus, Frédéric Pierrot, an actor from Offe (76) and a “psycho” from the popular series “En Therapie” or the young actress Emily Camp, one of the 4 sisters from the movie “What the hell have we done? “The 3rd part of which will be released in early April.

We want this meeting not to be missed.

Ben Collier, Dieppe Canadian Film Festival Contributor.

The word of mouth and this bold choice directly affected ticket sales for this 2022 festival. In just a few years, the festival has managed to make a name for itself outside of Normandy: “It’s been 2 years since we opened an online ticket office, and we know where people who buy a travel pass come from. It is more and more people from other neighboring regions such as Brittany and Île-de-France.” explains Ben Collier. Approximately 3,000 spectators are expected, which is a record since the event’s inception.

Especially since the city of Dieppe is celebrating this year the 80th anniversary of the August 19, 1942 raid. Also known as “Operation Jubilee”, this landing was unsuccessful, but allowed the success of the operation on August 6, 1944, it is well known in Canada.

Thus, the festival officially launches a series of commemorative events that will take place throughout the season.

One of the big advantages of the festival is also its geographical location. The cinema is a direct neighbor of the SNCF station in Dieppe, Parisians and residents of Ile-de-France quickly come to the coast of Normandy to attend a few screenings.

For this 2022 edition, the organizers decided to bring the festival to life outside of dark rooms. The village has been set up right in front of the cinema, Esplanade Rosa Leroy and will host gala nights, the Quebec Ball on Saturday March 26th, and concerts.

And, of course, the program carefully selected by the festival team: “We need quality programs, films that speak and touch the audience”. According to Ben Collier, this is the DNA of Canadian cinema: “This movie is focused on emotions. Quebecers and Canadians have a great sense of humor and drama. We feel a lot.”.

This year, the focus will be on the indigenous peoples of Canada. Each screening of the film will be preceded by a short film created by First Nations figures.

A mini-festival within the framework of a large festival, organized jointly with the Wakiponi collective, which will allow viewers to discover all facets and all provinces of Canada.

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